Restoration of sun damaged skin with Vitamin C Serum


Process of reversing sun damage on skin could be made simple when you use vitamin c serum for healing them. Treatment duration depends on intensity of type of damage. When symptoms are detected early usage of the serum alone could suffice healing process. If type of damage is severe and intensity is higher, you may have to consult your dermatologist. She will be able to suggest most effective combinational treatment with standard medication or therapeutic methods. It is to be noted that most medical procedures for sun damaged skin are said to produce beneficial results, when are supported by vitamin c serum.

Treating sun damage on facial skin with vitamin c serum

Causes and consequences of sun damage

Sun damage on facial skin can result in sun spots, acne, sunburn, melanoma, carcinoma or other types of damages. Most of sun spots are caused due to the process of skin cells oxidation. This process starts with reaction of UV with bio-chemicals present in your skin layers. Initial reaction produces free radicals. Then these radicals start reacting with proteins present in your skin cells. As the oxidation process intensifies, it generates more number of such radicals which ultimately destroy your cells.

Destruction may happen in form of physical damage, increased production of melanin, uncontrolled production of unhealthy skin oil etc. they result in acne, red spots, patches and other forms of skin related inflammations. This could also lead to many infections, since immunity levels of your skin have been reduced dramatically now.

  • Another threat associated with free radicals is that they cause skin aging. This fact has been established after conducting many experiments across US medical labs. ¬†Even case histories of patients who got affected by UV radiations from sun indicate the same.
  • Aging of skin due to free radicals happen due to shrinking of cells. This results in increase in wrinkles, generation of age spots, skin dehydration leading to dryness and dullness, sagging of skin layers, reduced production of collagen etc.
  • Since free radicals are highly unstable in nature, they have normal tendency to attach themselves with skin cells. They penetrate into cells and induce process of oxidation. This causes chain of within your connecting skin cells. Your skin starts losing its vital protective elements, vitamins, nutrients and other health factors. Weakening of skin immunity also increases pace of aging.

Effective treatment with vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serum can be used effectively to heal all symptoms and resulting illnesses. Before using this serum you need to consult your dermatologist and get your skin diagnosed. This will help in identifying causes, analyzing intensity of damages, estimating possibility of skin infections and diseases and deciding on course of treatment.

  • If your skin damages are limited to extent of sunspots, discoloration, hyperpigmentation or texture variations, you need to use vitamin c serum in form of cream or jelly. You can apply it onto affected regions on your skin. Since damages are limited to external layers of skin, they get cured faster. Post cure treatment will be continuation of serum cream in regular intervals. This process alone can keep your skin for long time.
  • If your skin-damages are extended to acne, Tinea Versicolor or other type of fungal infections, you may need to opt for vitamin c serum in form of pills or capsules. Treatment duration and dosage will depend on intensity of damage. For example acne from sun burn could be in forms of blackheads, papules, cysts or nodules. Your dermatologist will be able to identify correct type and its intensity. Once this has been done, she will recommend dosage of vitamin c serum. In case damages have penetrated into dermis or hypodermis layers of skin, you will be given IV shots of vitamin c serum. In some cases like Tinea Versicolor, you may be prescribed oral medicines like Fluconazole, selenium sulfide etc. When vitamin c serum is used with these medicines as combinational treatment, you can expect faster results.

Treating severe sun damage skin conditions with vitamin c serum

If your skin damages get extended to melanoma or carcinoma, treatment process will be complex in nature. It depends on stage of melanoma. Stage 1 healing involves surgical removal of tissues from skin. Dermatologists and pathologists often recommend using vitamin c serum during post-surgical period for quick healing of skin parts affected by surgery. The serum also gives immunity to skin. Enhanced production of collagen will help in regeneration of skin cells and tissues damaged during surgical process. Similar procedures are adopted for treating carcinoma. Melanoma stage 2 may involve radiation or chemotherapy. Even in such cases pathologists recommend vitamin c serum as main supplement medication for enabling fast healing and providing immunity.

Healing sun damaged skin around eyes with vitamin c serum

Vitamin c serum has many effective ingredients like Ethoxydiglycol, Butylene Glycol, Ferulic Acid, Glycerin, Vitamin E and others. They bleach skin spots, hydrate skin layers, heal out patches and refresh your skin. This is made possible by regular usage of vitamin serum in the form of cream or jelly.

Since vitamin c serum takes care of increasing collagen production, you could be relaxed about conditions of skin cell around your eyes after healing of symptoms. Collagen creates multiple layers of skin cells and tissues and binds them in a chain. This chain is firm but flexible in nature. Traces of red spots, blackheads, scars and sores will be completely eliminated. Your skin feels fresh and appears brightened.

It is also possible to reverse the sun damages caused on skin around your eyes with vitamin c serum. This is because ingredients can hydrate skin layers. Most of sun damages leave your skin dry, making it weak and vulnerable to scaling. Ferulic acid and glycerin take care of optimum hydration and brightening of skin. This happens due to removal of dull spots and restoration of skin tone to its original status. You need to regularly follow up by applying the cream. This will help your skin to stay young for long years.

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