Preventing hormonal imbalance with Vitamin C Serum


Achieving hormonal balance with vitamin c serum ingredients is more than one time task. It is preserved over long time, preventing many types of potential skin disorders in men and women. Composition and percentage of ingredients in the serum play important role. They determine level of healing and its longevity. It is possible to use vitamin c serum for preventing as well as curing skin disorders at almost all stages. It is recommended by many dermatologists for its effectiveness in post skin disease treatment period. It has powerful characteristics of immunity development, reduction of oxidative elements and processes, skin cell regeneration, wound healing and hormone balance restoring.

Restoration of hormonal balance with vitamin c serum ingredients

Reasons for hormonal imbalances could be many. In fact you can find innumerable of them. However you could some of main types of hormone in men and women and list out causes and consequences of their disorders.

  • Estrogen, progesterone, estrone, estradiol and estriol are some major female hormones. Balance exists between estrogen and testosterone levels in females. Main hormone producing glands in females are ovaries, placenta and breasts. Endocrine glands other major ones which produce hormones. They are group of glands consisting of pineal glands, thyroid glands, thymus glands, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries, placenta and breasts.
  • With so many glands producing innumerable hormones, female hormone network is said to be complex in nature. As long as the system is functioning normally, skin and body health remain good. But once the hormone production or functions get disturbed, whole system gets upset. At this stage it is vital to achieve hormonal balance with vitamin c serum levels.
  • Vitamin c serum manages balancing of hormones in females during menstrual cycles, ovulation, pregnancy, postnatal period, menopause, recovery from illness and diseases etc. Apart from taking serum, foods with vitamin c, iron, copper, zinc, essential oils and other minerals can also help in balancing of hormones among females.

Searching for hormonal balance with vitamin c serum that works

  • Acne is caused due to many reasons in women like sunburn, bacterial infection etc. imbalance in androgen hormone is also said to be one of the causes. Androgen is secreted in men as well as women. Excess of androgen in females can cause oxidation process. This in turn attacks sebum glands that produce skin oil. Sebum gland reacts to this attack by producing excess of oil. This is one of self-protection mechanisms. This excess oil starts piling up at the hair follicle. This in turn produces acne. Deficiency of vitamin c can flare up skin inflammation.
  • When vitamin c serum is introduced into female body with acne problem, it starts working in stages. In first stage it restores production balance of androgen hormones. Excess oil secretion by sebum gets controlled. This solves root problem. In second stage it neutralizes all free radicals produced due to oxidation process. This process stops generation of new acne causing bacteria. In third stage it starts cleaning up existing acne bacteria with its antioxidant property. Other ingredients like Ferulic acid, hyaluronic Acid and L-Ascorbic acid help in elimination of all acne bacteria from affected regions. Natural vitamin c takes care of healing any tissue and cell damages, sores, rashes and scars.
  • Collagen which gets generated due to vitamin c serum starts rebuilding layers of new skin cells and tissues over injured and affected regions of skin. It strengthens skin layers, gives flexible character and helps in eliminating and avoiding all acne related marks from skin.
  • Ingredients like glycerin, butylene Glycol, TEA and others help in restoring overall health of skin, making it bright.

Progesterone dermatitis is another type of skin disorder in women which results due to issues in menstrual cycles. It is caused mainly due to imbalance in progesterone hormone. This imbalance is caused by immune system disorder resulting from prolonged deficiency of vitamins like Vitamin c.

  • Eruptions in skin crate light to dark red patches on skin along with pimple like structures. It leads to constant itching and irritation.
  • Sometimes it may lead to skin conditions like eczema and mouth erosion.
  • When the female with this problem is given regular dosage of vitamin c serum, it balances progesterone hormone to appreciable extent. As the adverse reaction of immune system is brought under balance, the hormones automatically get balanced. In next stage the serum cures dermatitis disorder and cleans up all the affected regions in the skin.

Hormonal balance with vitamin c serum under eyes skin disorder solution

Candidiasis is one of the skin disorders under eyes for females. Excessive imbalance between progesterone and estrogen is said to be one of the main causes of Candidiasis. In this case, ratio of progesterone goes to high levels while that of estrogen falls below normal levels.

  • Symptoms of Candidiasis start developing in stages. In initial stage they appear as rashes and swelling, resulting in constant itching and irritation in affected areas.
  • In the next stages these symptoms develop into deep blisters, cruises and sores.
  • Lack of hygiene, hot and humid conditions and synthetic clothes are other non-hormonal causes of Candidiasis.
  • Vitamin c serum mainly balances progesterone and estrogen levels. Once this is achieved rest of healing and recovery gets faster. First stage of balancing may take relatively more time. Your gynecologist may recommend shots of vitamin c serum for over 2 weeks or more in order to restore the balance by increasing the level of estrogen and decreasing the level of progesterone.
  • After two weeks, initial of vitamin c serum could be observed with visible reduction in Candidiasis symptoms. You need to get diagnosed from your gynecologist once again then. She will be able to give you prescriptions for further dosage and duration of Candidiasis treatment. By the end of treatment period you could expect complete restoration of your skin back to its normal conditions.
  • Sometimes you may be given specific instructions on balancing your diet. It is of critical importance that you follow them strictly to core. It is the only way in which you could expect quick recovery from Candidiasis. Perfect hormonal balance with vitamin c serum recipe is possible when you balance your diet also.

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