Efficient treatment of Skin Mottling with Vitamin C Serum


Skin mottling from heat could be cured with vitamin c serum. Treatment procedure will vary from those adopted in skin discoloring and uneven skin toning. This is because mottling is related to your blood vessels rather than skin layers. Using of creams, jelly, lotions and other external elements could be useful after mottling is cured or before its effects have started. They help in taking preventive care. Once mottling process is initiated and blood vessels are affected, you need to depend on vitamin c serum pills or shots to get effective cure. Before you learn about treatment procedures, you need to know about characteristics, possible causes and consequences of skin mottling.

  • Scientific name of skin mottling is dyschromia. Discoloration of skin happens in multiple patches which could spread all over your body skin including face, neck, back, legs, hands, chest and other regions. Though it occurs more frequently in skin areas that are frequently exposed to sun, it could spread to other areas when its intensity increases.
  • Skin mottling can affect all age groups including infants, children, teens, young adults, adults and seniors. Some of commonly found causes of mottling are rapid variation in body temperature, blood disorders, aging, irregular growth of blood circulation system, cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, hypertension etc. Exposure to sun also plays its role in mottling. But it is said to be less prevalent.

Blood disorders

  • Hormone disorders in females could severely affect the structure and functionality of blood vessels. One of the main contributors of this problem is found to be uneven variation between estrogen and progesterone levels. When the variations are initial stages, they result in skin kevel problems. Since it is hard to detect when the variation levels reach critical levels, most of cases go untreated. When such abnormality occurs, it can result in severe reactions affecting blood vessels. Normally endothelium is first target as it forms the inner walls of blood veins. When this layer gets affected, it can critically alter blood flow pressure; result in inflammation and blood coagulation.
  • Vitamin c serum could help in restoration of healthy condition in endothelium cells.  When it is induced into blood stream in the form of IV shots, it can purify blood flow into your heart from cardiovascular system. Since endothelium and blood flow are now cured of impurities caused by hormone disorder, mottling effects start reducing slowly. You could get effective relief from mottling after 2 to3 weeks of treatment.
  • The other factor that seriously influences cardiovascular health is hypertension. This condition also affects blood plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells, tunica intima, tunica media and other sensitive blood cells which are related with your skin. Once they get affected, they certainly result in mottling effects on your skin.
  • Certain heart diseases also cause your blood to get affected. Impure blood serum is said to be one of the major contributor for causing mottling. These factors are controlled by purification of flow of blood in veins, heart and lungs. Regular consumption of vitamin c serum could help in solving all these issues. It is possible due to many unique characteristics of vitamin c, serum. This includes balancing blood pressure, coagulation clearance, controlling of diabetes and managing cardiovascular health as well as purification of blood cells and serum.

Healing skin mottling on back and other skin areas with vitamin c serum

Atherosclerosis is one condition when plaque starts to develop and deposit on the inner walls of artery. This is mainly due to the excess buildup of cholesterol. This causes hindrance to the flow blood. When the condition worsens, it may lead to deposition of impure blood within blood vessels. As rate of oxygenation and blood cleaning gets delayed, the impure blood deposited in the blood starts affecting your skin. This is specifically applicable to those blood veins which are located in the hypodermis layers of your skin. This makes your skin mottled right from this layer till the external layer. Such situations could be prevented by efficient usage of vitamin c serum with other medications. The combination can help in dissolving of cholesterol build up naturally. It may take time from few weeks to months for this to happen. But removal of mottling will happen for sure.

Treatment of skin mottling in adults with vitamin c serum

Skin mottling hypothyroidism is one of main reasons in adults. This hormonal imbalance could result affect flow of blood, resulting in blood vein disorders. When the blood vessels in hypodermis region get affected by consequences of hypothyroidism, the conditions of mottling become severe. Vitamin c serum could be used to cure and control hypothyroidism. Since it is antioxidant in nature, it can clean out all oxidative elements deposited in blood vessels due to thyroid disorder. This leads to curing of mottling in adults.

Process of brown skin mottling with vitamin c serum

  • Mottling has no differentiation of skin color, tone texture or other racial factors. Clogging of blood vessels due to excess deposit of cholesterol could result in coagulation of blood within these vessels. Such conditions could be more common with patient recovering from heart disease conditions. Such conditions are also quite common among people who suffer from problem of alcoholism. When this condition occurs, it could result in oxidation of vessels and blood.  This in turn leads to skin mottling.  
  • One of the main reasons for the clogging of has been attributed to diabetes. The other probable reasons are glycation and oxidation of lipoproteins.  All these causes could be easily avoided when you use vitamin c serum. When used with anti diabetic medicines it is capable of balancing the diabetic conditions, control glycation and prevent the oxidation of lipoproteins. This automatically results in removal of clogging and healing of skin mottling.

After you have recovered from skin mottling conditions, you need to take consultations with your doctor and dermatologist about further preventive measures with vitamin c serum. It would be better if you could reduce alcohol intake, stop smoking and stay away from intoxicating drugs and other addictive elements.

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