Effective treatment of melanoma and carcinoma with Vitamin C Serum


After reading through many a melanoma treatment review, you could reach to certain obvious conclusions. When this disease is in stage 0, it stays resident only on external surface of skin layers. Treatment is possible with usage of vitamin c serum alone. In this stage, they have not acquired properties of invasiveness. Vitamin c serum could eliminate these cells when it is given in the form of IV shots. Exact dosage and duration of treatment will be determined by your pathologist. You may be asked to continue with vitamin c serum cream to regenerate skin cells and tissues which replace eliminated cancer cells. According to medical experts, melanoma treatment success rate with vitamin c serum is said to be more than 99%.

Study of melanoma treatment success rate with vitamin c serum

  • When melanoma reaches stage 1 or 2(earlier), pathologists normally suggest surgery.  Skin tissue around affected zone is removed (minimum 1 cm). Vitamin c serum usage as supportive medication is suggested in postsurgical period. It is mainly used as healing agent. It regenerated skin cells in operated zone. It infuses immunity into cells around affected region and new cells which are being formed. When vitamin c serum is injected at regular intervals, collagen molecules start attaching themselves with new cells. Since it gives adhesive nature to cells, they start sticking with each other as well as existing cells around affected region. No matter how deep the surgery scar is, collagen molecules can help in formation of new cells and tissues in all those layers and binding them together.
  • Within few weeks, you could experience complete healing of surgery region. Now you won’t find any marks left over by surgery. Then you will be asked to opt for vitamin c serum pills or capsules to rebuild immunity levels of your skin.

When melanoma has crossed stage 3 it has spread deep into skin, penetrating lymph nodes. Pathologists suggest surgery to remove all lymph nodes that are connected with melanoma infected cells. There could be several stages of surgery depending on number of affected lymph nodes that are to be removed. This is quite complex process.

  • Postsurgical recovery could be another complex process. Since most of skin tissues are cut and removed, it takes long time for your skin to heal. Pathologists suggest many types of antibiotics, healers and pain removers, but most prominent among them is said to be vitamin c serum.
  • Initial stages of recovery could take about months. Vitamin c serum shots play critical role in regeneration of cells and tissues. Sometimes high dosage of serum could be recommended to keep infections away and speed up recovery. Collagen cells which get generated by serum plays critical role in healing here also. It starts rebuilding connectivity between newly generated cells and existing cells around the affected regions. This process could be quite slow in initial stages. But as healing progresses, reconnecting and strengthening of skin cells and tissues become faster.
  • Once the healing is complete, you may be asked to continue consumption of vitamin c serum capsules for specific period of time.

When melanoma is in stage 4, pathologists recommend immunotherapy. It is aimed at penetrating through DNA structure of melanoma causing cells and destroying the structure completely. One of the first such treatments named Ipilimumab is said to be highly promising. This has been approved by FDA already. Pathologists say they have achieved 205 of positive responses so far in post treatment period from treated patients. This therapy is quite new (approved in 2011), hence it may take some time for its success rate to increase. However, pathologists have suggested usage of vitamin c serum as one of supplements for healing of treated regions on skin.

  • Even in cases of chemotherapy (one of oldest known for curing melanoma stage 4), the need of vitamin c serum in post therapy period is recommended.
  • It is used to prevent or reduce most types of post chemotherapy side effects on patients. Most prominent among them are providing immunity against possible skin infections, healing of sores, bruises and bleeding from skin and removal of fatigue.

Role of vitamin c serum in carcinoma skin treatment

Carcinoma is another form of skin cancer which gets initiated due to excess UV radiation exposure. Unlike melanoma it has 4 stages of development. Unlike melanoma which starts as patch, carcinoma may start in various forms. In some cases it is called squamous cell carcinoma where small red spot near the chin region appears as initial symptom of cancer. In some other cases it may start as small sized deep cut scar on any part of skin like nose.  Most forms of carcinoma result in tumor on skin. It starts as small bump and later it grows to several mm /cm in size.

  • When carcinoma is in stage 0, it is called as Lobular carcinoma. Pathologists don’t call it cancer at this stage. It is known as abnormal cell growth. This can be removed by combinational treatment of hormone therapy and vitamin c serum shots. In some cases hormone blocking medicines may be recommended along with vitamin c serum pills or capsules.
  • When carcinoma reaches stage 1, small sized tumor (2mm-2cm) appears on skin surface. Among women it is commonly observed in breast region. Diagnosis is conducted to determine status of lymph nodes. The cancer is still said to be localized in nature. At this stage pathologists recommend surgery or radiation with local anesthesia to remove the tumor. Once the tumor is removed, the patient is sent for post treatment. Vitamin c serum is one of the most frequently recommended supplements to heal the surgical wound and rebuild the damaged cells and tissues.
  • While in stages 2 & 3, carcinoma requires multiple surgeries, radiation or chemotherapy. In stage 4, chemotherapy is the only effective way for treating carcinoma. Vitamin c serum is almost inevitably suggested as effective supplement for healing and protecting recovering skin cells. It is also used to prevent or reduce most of chemotherapy side effects among recovering patients.

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