Cure and prevention of Vitiligo with Vitamin C Serum


Using vitamin c serum for Vitiligo treatment cure helps in getting quick healing solutions for people with immunity disorder syndrome. The serum is found to be effective in moderating impacts of self- destructive behavior induced by auto-immune system. Though permanent cure has not been found for this sort of disorder, studied have shown that moderation and long term suppression are possible with antioxidant and anti-fungal properties of vitamin c serum. Treatments of patients affected with Vitiligo across US hospitals in 2015 revealed some interesting facts. The analytical studies were about how vitamin c serum moderates autoimmunity syndrome and its effects on patients.

  • Natural vitamin c found in the serum is able to stimulate specific process called glucocorticoid mechanism. It is influenced by increasing functionality of adrenal cortex (having abundant stock of vitamin c) and balancing the count of eosinophil and concentration of plasma cortoisol, which are responsible for bringing the immunity levels within controllable levels.
  • Vitiligo is mainly caused by auto-immune disorder. It is found mostly in teenagers and young adults. However it also affects people in other age groups. It results in white colored patches on facial organs like nose, eyes and mouth. Other common locations where its effects can be found are genital region, navel etc.
  • These patches may or may not spread to other parts of body, depending on skin conditions of affected persons. However there is no medical proof. It is analyzed based on each patient.
  • Treatment options for Vitiligo are medical, surgical and cosmetic. Vitamin c serum could be used effectively in all three options to control effects of auto-immune syndrome, since this is considered to be major hurdle for giving any effective treatment.
  • Vitamin c serum is also used for treating symptoms of Vitiligo and eliminating them. It could be sued alone in form of cream, jelly or pills. In some cases it is used in combinational treatment with other medicines and cosmetic products like sunscreen.

Effective methods of Vitiligo treatment and prevention with vitamin c serum

  • Excessive activity of autoimmunity level is created in women due to imbalance in hormones like estrogen, androgen and other hormones. Increased levels of one specific hormone against the other is also said to be one of the causes. For example you could take a look at the comparative generation levels of estrogen and androgen. Androgen is secreted in men as well as women. Excess of androgen in females can cause oxidation process. This can also lead to many other complications which can affect immunity system.
  • This happens especially during premenstrual and menopause periods. This in turn attacks adrenal, pancreas and ovaries. When critical glands are under attack, it might cause immune systems to overreact. In some cases there is no control over their function. This kind of overreaction from immune systems results in unevenness in count of eosinophil and concentration of plasma cortoisol. It results in further complications, leading to increase in Vitiligo symptoms. The key here is to control the overreaction of immune systems.
  • First step in this direction is taken when vitamin c serum is given as IV shots for women to control and balance the production of hormones. Ingredients like Ferulic acid help in protecting critical glands like adrenal, pancreas and ovaries. This process slowly brings hormone levels back to control.
  • Second stage of using vitamin c serum is to control the function of immune systems like you read above.
  • In cases where Vitiligo is caused by excess sunburn, it could also result in skin inflammation and excess skin oil production. This happens when UV radiations directly attack sebum glands in your skin’s exposed areas. Sebum gland reacts to this attack by producing excess of oil. This is one of self-protection mechanisms. This excess oil starts piling up at the hair follicle. This in turn produces inflammations. Deficiency of vitamin c can flare up skin inflammation.
  • When females with sunburn resulted Vitiligo are treated with vitamin c serum, the action of serum starts working in many consecutive stages. In first stage it restores skin health caused by excess of sunburn. In second stage it protects sebum from oxidative attacks of UV. Now the oil secretion create by sebum comes under controlled levels.  In third stage it neutralizes all free radicals produced due to oxidation process. This process stops causes of inflammation. In next stage it starts healing of inflammation resulted white patches, blisters, sores and with its antioxidant property. Other ingredients like Ferulic acid, hyaluronic Acid and L-Ascorbic acid help in elimination of all infection causing elements from affected regions. Natural vitamin c takes care of healing any tissue and cell damages, sores, rashes and scars.
  • Collagen is known as excellent adhesive which can cover up cell damages areas quickly with new cell growth. It strengthens skin layers, gives flexible character and helps in eliminating and avoiding all Vitiligo affected marks from skin.
  • Ingredients like glycerin, butylene Glycol, TEA and others help in restoring overall health of skin, making it bright.

Vitamin C serum as Vitiligo treatment alternative medicine

Any alternative medicine that gives most reliable results and near zero side effects will obviously contain ingredients which are friendly to your skin and body. Your skin cells should be able to absorb all ingredients without allergic reactions. Effects of alternative medicine should be long lasting so that relapse of Vitiligo could be avoided. Vitamin c serum is only such alternative medicine today!

Using vitamin c serum for Vitiligo treatment during pregnancy

Vitiligo during pregnancy can be cured in the same way as it is done with other patients when you use vitamin c serum. As you have read earlier, the serum can take care of all autoimmune syndromes, hormonal imbalances, sunburn effects and other factors that contribute to growth and expansion of Vitiligo. Consult your doctor for advice on diet control during this period. This could prove to be helpful in speeding up treatment and healing process. You need to stay away from alcohol, smoking and other intoxicants during this time to get effective results with zero side effects.

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