Best methods to stop swollen ankles after sunburn with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum for swollen ankles treatment works effectively since ingredients of serum attack root causes of swelling and eliminate them. Swellings appear in in ankles due to thyroid, injury, lymph node problems, and infections, venous issues, clotting of blood, heart or liver issues. In each case you may see unique symptoms that differentiate one cause from another. Minor ankle injuries could be treated at home with vitamin c serum cream or lotion. If the intensity of swelling is more, you could opt for pills or capsules. They will help in reducing swelling and healing skin problems. Sunburn is also one of major issues which may result in swollen ankles. Inflammations of skin layers cause blisters. These blisters in turn may lead to further complications like viral infections which increase the intensity of ankle swelling. Vitamin c serum for swollen ankles relief works effectively by reducing inflammation and preventing skin infections.

Using vitamin c serum for swollen ankles symptoms treatment

Common symptoms of swollen ankles are swollen feet, ankles and sometimes even hands. Skin round swelling gets rough in nature and it may become hard and stiff. Movement and flexing of feet becomes impossible. You may experience difficulties in standing or sitting in same posture for long. Nerves in ankle region may give you sensation of “pulling”, causing intense pain. Diabetes could further complicate the issue of ankle swelling.

  • Using vitamin c serum for treating and curing of symptoms needs to be addressed in two stages. First stage is healing of symptoms caused effects and elimination of symptom causes. Your doctor will be able to decide priority of tasks. He will be able to prescribe vitamin c serum along with other antibiotic medicines and shots based on priority. In some cases he may prescribe high dosage of vitamin c serum shots if the intensity of symptoms is more.
  • Once vitamin c serum starts working on your ankle swelling, its ingredients are broken down into individual elements. Ferulic acid and Hyaluronic Acid are two key elements which help in reducing inflammations in joint region like ankle. It is because Hyaluronic Acid is major component of synovial fluid which is present mainly in joint regions like ankles. Deficiency of Hyaluronic Acid could increase intensity of ankle swelling. When it gets replenished with vitamin c serum, inflammation and swelling naturally start decreasing.

Oxidation of skin cells in the ankle region due to sunburn is yet another major cause of inflammation and swelling.

  • Usage of vitamin c serum is in predetermined dosages could help in reducing levels of oxidation within your skin layers.  It is possible to reduce skin cell damages caused by free radicals resulting from sun burn oxidation.
  • The other aspect is reduction of oxidative elements within skin layers. This can be achieved with usage of vitamin c serum oxidation stress management. Here the serum converts all oxidative elements by process called reduction (opposite to oxidation). In cases of intensive swelling, the doctor may prescribe high dosage shots of vitamin c serum. This will speed up the process of “reduction”. At the end of this reaction more than 99% of oxidative elements will be eliminated.
  • Another aspect of reducing swelling in ankle due to sunburn is the healing of skin cells that are badly damaged due to inflammation. Tests were conducted across medical labs on patients with swollen ankles with vitamin c serum. It was observed that most of internal skin cell and tissue damages were successfully healed even before the swelling in main part of ankles was healed.
  • The testing included many ingredients of vitamin c serum. Some of the most important ones were Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid, TEA and Panthenol. All these elements are closely associated with skin care in one form or the other.
  • Collagen is one of the major vitamin c produced elements in your skin which gives your skin extra ability of strength and damage rebuilding capacity. Vitamin c serum is capable of controlling the production of this specific element and give tensile strength to your skin. This is one of the ways in which the serum is controlling regeneration of skin cells and repair of damaged ones.
  • Ferulic Acid is one type of protein receptors which is responsible for repairing of skin cells in cases of swelling  There are two types of proteins which have effects on decreasing the levels of swelling. They are PP2A and Integrin. PP2A is the protein that causes faster healing. It makes the skin layers to synthesize the pain relieving liquids. During this process it suppresses the tendency of your skin layers to stretch out and cause internal injuries within the skin layers. Integrin is the factor that is responsible for the binding of skin cells. Besides it creates anti inflammation molecules within the skin layers with the top layer of skin.
  • By effective usage of vitamin c serum, it is possible for doctors to increase the volumetric effects of PP2A and Integrin on your skin strength and adhesiveness

Effects of vitamin c serum for swollen ankles upon waking

When vitamin c serum is used effectively for treating swollen ankles, symptoms get healed within specific period, depending on their intensity, dosage and duration of serum treatment. Unless you have other medical or hormonal problems in your body, the course of treatment will be complete on time. It is vital that you follow the dosage.

Vitamin c serum for swollen ankles traveling

When you drive over long distances at one stretch, you might develop swelling in your knees which will naturally go away. In case intensity of swelling is more, you could use vitamin c serum cream or lotion to overcome this problem. In case your swelling does not go away, you can get pills from chemist shop. They will be able to give you quick relief. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and fresh smoothies to prevent accumulation of unhealthy fluids in your ankles. Since vitamin c is water soluble it works better when you drink sufficient quantity of water. If you have thyroid problem, you can use vitamin c serum for swollen ankles thyroid treatment also. Vitamin c serum for swollen ankles painful feet can cure your impact of long distance driving on your feet.