5 skin problems caused by typical hormonal imbalance in your body


Most part of blotchy skin hormonal imbalance that results in skin problems is curable. Vitamin c serum treatment works at various stages of skin related problem development. It cures symptoms, clears infections and diseases from affected areas, restores skin health and beauty, helps in development of immunity and restores hormonal balance. Since all these tasks are performed by this serum, it is often referred to as multi-functional treatment. The supplement is made of many ingredients which help in performing individual or batches of processes during curing and healing. Some of most commonly used ingredients are Ethoxydiglycol, Butylene Glycol, Ferulic Acid, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Ferulic acid and serum, Phenoxyethanol Glycerin and Butylene Glycol. Of course L-ascorbic acid and natural vitamin C are integral parts of this serum.

Treating hormonal imbalance and skin discoloration with vitamin c serum

Discoloration of skin occurs due to variation in production of melatonin hormone from pineal glands. This imbalance results in illness called melasma.

  • Melasma starts with appearance of dark patches all over skin. Prominent regions in which it appears are facial parts. It may grow and spread with time to reach other skin parts of body also. This process could be accelerated in women during pregnancy, menopause and menstrual cycles.
  • In case of women melanoma escalates due to abnormal variations in estrogen levels. One of the other natural causes for escalation is UV radiation exposure from sun. This causes high levels of fluctuations in pigmentation, resulting in dark brown or black patches. This is in earlier stages. As the intensity of disease increases, it may result in large scale patches in back, chest, hands and legs also.

Melanoma can be treated with combination of vitamin c serum and hydroquinone. Together they are capable of suppressing effects of Tyrosinase, main contributor for production of melanin in skin. Vitamin c serum is usually applied in the form of cream or lotion when melanoma is in earlier stages. When it is in advanced stage, you may need to consult your dermatologist for proper treatment method. She may recommend pills or capsules to eliminate all symptoms, cure the disease and help in quick recovery. Ingredients of serum like Ferulic acid and serum provide high level of immunity, while vitamin c heals all marks left over by melanoma.

Curing hormonal imbalance and dry skin with vitamin c serum

Hormonal imbalance such as the one in form of low thyroid can cause skin dryness. This condition is called hypothyroidism. It dries out water content in skin leading to skin dehydration. It can result in scale and wrinkled skin, loss of sweat, skin discolors, bruises and unhealed wounds. This condition can soon turn into many other forms of skin degeneration.

  • Vitilligo is one form of pigment resistance in skin. It results from combined effects of hypothyroidism and excessive skin dryness. White colored patches start developing on skin at fingers, knees, wrist region and other sensitive locations. These conditions could be healed with regular intake of vitamin c serum pills. Antioxidant properties of serum can reduce oxidative stress to great extent, leading to normalizing thyroid levels. Vitamin c serum is said to reduce adrenal fatigue by more than 90%. Once thyroid levels come back to normal, hydration of skin is also slowly restored, healing effects of dry skin. But in some cases it may require additional treatments to overcome Vitilligo induced hormonal imbalance burning skin. Your dermatologist may recommend vitamin c serum cream and lotion along with strong shots of serum. It takes about fortnight treatment to completely cure Vitilligo.
  • Scleroderma is another skin condition arising from dry skin and hypothyroidism. This results in scarring of skin leading to ulceration. Sometimes it may result in numbness of skin at different parts of body, mainly fingers. This condition too is said to be mainly due to vitamin c deficiency. Role of vitamin c serum is twofold here. It balances thyroid hormones in your body with its antioxidant properties and eliminates Scleroderma. Procedure of treatment involves usage of vitamin c serum pills, cream and shots. Dosage and duration depends on your thyroid, Scleroderma and skin conditions as diagnosed.
  • Pemphigoid is another type of skin disorder due to hypothyroidism and skin dryness.  It results from body’s immunity disorientation caused by varying thyroid levels. Immune system tends to destroy skin cells, causing blisters. Progression of these blisters results in sores. Vitamin c serum can be used to treat this disorder at all stages. When it is detected early, healing is faster. It is usually cure with pills and cream. Acute and chronic levels of disorder need medical attention from dermatologist. She may prescribe high dosage of vitamin c serum shots with antibiotics like hydroquinone. Healing happens slowly but surely.

Finding solutions to hormonal acne with vitamin c serum

  • Acne from hormone imbalance is commonly observed in women. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of main types of hormonal disorder which leads to acne.
  • This type of acne is said to be difficult to cure as it has tendency to relapse after treatment with medication procedures. Only probable solution is to find cure for PCOS. Regular treatment with vitamin c serum could control PCOS, restore hormonal imbalance and oily skin and overcome hormone imbalance for relatively longer period of time. Meanwhile the serum removes acne with its antioxidant properties. You need to consult your dermatologist for post healing treatment with vitamin c serum for preventing/prolonging relapse of PCOS in effective ways.

Preventing menopause induced aging with vitamin c serum

Estrogen levels in women can go haywire during menopause, causing skin aging. It results in abnormal surge in wrinkles, black spots, sagging of skin, reduced immunity and other skin disorders. Vitamin c serum helps in restoration of estrogen levels. It removes wrinkles with increased collagen production. Antioxidant properties of the serum help in eliminating skin spots and other patches from skin. Since vitamin C has high immune characters, it restores skin immunity to standard levels.

Controlling alopecia with vitamin c Serum

Abnormal variation in testosterone levels could lead to weakened cells at dermis and hypodermis layers of skin. It results in loss hair since their roots become unstable. Vitamin c serum can be used to control alopecia from going to further stages.