5 reliable remedies for treating peeling of skin with Vitamin C Serum


Skin peeling from sunburn can be cured with help of vitamin c serum. Treatment procedure is simple when effects are in initial stages. You need to apply serum along with healing elements like Aloe Vera and essential oils. Doing so will stop further peeling and it will also restore skin conditions of layers that are already affected by skin peeling. When peeling is in advanced stages (red spots, white skin patches, sores and blisters), you need to consult your dermatologist and take effective treatments with vitamin c serum pills or IV shots. It may take some time for you to get rid of these effects, but vitamin c serum is known to have complete cure for sure.

Complete solution to skin peeling on hands and feet with vitamin c serum

Other causes of skin peeling are skin diseases, allergic reactions of skin, athlete’s foot, autoimmune disorders, and acral skin peeling near genital areas, chemotherapy, dry skin, Contact dermatitis and others.

  • Some of most common skin diseases that cause peeling of skin are dermatitis, psoriasis, ringworm, Hyperhidrosis etc.
  • Dermatitis is caused by skin cell disorders. This is one condition when shedding of skin layers happens rapidly. But the process of skin layer rebuilding will not be able to match with it. Hence you see the visible effects of peeling. In normal conditions too, your skin layers peel and make way for new layer to takeover. This process happens slowly and steadily. When skin cells are affected by dermatitis disorder, they are in hurry to shed off faster. When it is in initial stage it results in dehydration. It is because of sloughing effects due to which your body starts losing fluids and water at abnormal rates. Skin peeling due to dermatitis could also result in weakened immune system.
  • When dermatitis reaches advanced level, it could result in severe skin infections and diseases. Since your immunity is at its lowest ebb, it could also lead to abnormalities in blood vessels.
  • Vitamin c serum treatment is found to be effective in all stages of dermatitis growth. When the illness is in initial stages you may need to apply vitamin c serum liquid, jelly or cream on affected parts regularly. Following this simple procedure could result in healing within period of 1 to 2 weeks. Meanwhile you need to cover up affected areas and avoid direct exposure to sun and climatic effects.
  • When dermatitis is advanced stage, your dermatologist will advise you to opt for vitamin c serum pills or IV shots in regular intervals. This procedure may also be accompanied by hydroquinone to restore original color of your skin faster. Combinational effects of these two result in stoppage of peeling. Nourishing ingredients of skin in vitamin c like glycerin, Ferulic acid and collagen get actively involved in the process of skin layer regeneration. This process could take about 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Meanwhile natural vitamin c acts in restoring balance of autoimmune system disorder. This process effectively pugs the root cause of dermatitis created skin peeling.

Treating skin peeling around nails with vitamin c serum

Skin peeling around nails mainly due to deficiency of vitamin c in your blood. If you wish to get quick and effective for this, vitamin c serum pills or capsules provide best remedy. You will also need to apply vitamin c serum cream regularly onto affected areas. By following this simple procedure you will be able to get rid of skin peeling around nails within few weeks. Talk to your dermatologist about changes you need to make in your diet pattern to keep away from this problem in future. You will need to keep your skin hydrated consistently.

Overcoming skin peeling after antibiotics with vitamin c serum

Some of the side effects of antibiotics on your skin could be increased oxidative stress, dehydration, allergic reactions leading to skin disorders etc. They could result in skin peeling. If you wish to overcome this problem, you need to take care of eliminating the side effects of antibiotics on your skin.

  • Oxidative stress could be overcome when vitamin c serum is consumed in form of capsules. Consult your dermatologist about dosage and duration of consumption for skin peeling after infection also. He will be able to diagnose your existing skin peeling conditions after analyzing the type and concentration of antibiotics you are consuming. He may also recommend other solutions which are specific to the side effects created by specific antibiotic. Combinational treatment with vitamin c serum will be able to stop skin peeling soon. At this stage you need to talk to your doctor about alternate to the antibiotic you are consuming. Make sure that its ingredients do not clash with ingredients of vitamin c serum and cause further skin damages!
  • Some of the common antibiotics to which many people are allergic are Penicillin, quinolones, clindamycin, and tetracycline. In case you get feverish feelings during consumption of antibiotics, your skin may start peeling soon. In such cases you need to consult your doctor about skin peeling after fever and its remedy.
  • Dehydration leading to dry skin is another probable effect of antibiotics on your skin. When you are in the process of recovery from critical conditions like heart disease, you may not pay much attention to increasing skin dryness. But when it results in peeling of skin layers you will be alarmed. This is the time for you to consult your heart specialist and talk to him about the side effects. He may recommend alternate medicine or suggest remedy for skin peeling. Many cardiologists recommend vitamin c serum as it has natural ingredients and cerates no negative side effects.
  • Antibiotics taken for treatment of other skin diseases and infections like acne may also affect your skin by causing skin peeling. If you are currently consuming such antibiotics, you better stop their consumption and consult your dermatologist immediately. He will be able to suggest alternative medicine. You would be surprised to know that vitamin c serum alone could solve your acne problem as well as skin peeling problem. You need to talk over about this option also. In some cases he may prescribe hydroquinone along with vitamin c serum to get quick results.