5 reasons for your skin to get affected by skin spots


Sunspots on skin can appear due to excess exposure to sun. Effects vary from distributed dotted brown colored spots to patches. In some cases they have scales all over them. In the initial stages they may not produce any itchy or irritation feelings. But as they grow they start producing these effects. Most vulnerable regions are face, neck, chest, back, hands and legs. Parts of body which remain hidden from direct exposure to sun have few or no sunspots. They are said to be non-infectious by nature and stay only those spots which get initially affected. They result in premature skin aging, skin discoloring, cause havoc in your skin texture and they could even lead to skin cancer when they are left untreated.

Cause and cure of sunspots on chest with vitamin c serum

Alike in other locations, sunspots on chest also appear due to excess sun exposure. Their intensity becomes severe if your skin is sensitive in nature. There is no differentiation of skin tone, texture, race or any other parameter for sunspots, as they equally damage all types and tones of skin. Free radicals are created in your skin when sunlight interacts with bio-chemicals in it. This leads to process called oxidation. This starts damaging skin cells and tissues. In the initial stages this process happens gradually. As the intensity of sun increases, chemical reactions also worsen.

  • Many cases of sunspots turning into symptoms of skin cancer have been reported all over US. One of the reasons is due to tanning. This can sometimes result in white patchy spots on your skin. When intensity of such spots is less, they can be cured with simple natural treatments like Aloe-Vera alone when they have advanced into next levels; you need powerful solutions like vitamin c serum.  
  • Usage of vitamin c serum in sunspots has been put under many tests all over laboratories and by dermatologists. Nearly 99.9% of these tests have given positive results. Few cases where the serum has given partial or no results were reported to be due to incorrect usage, genetic factors and effect of other synthetic based drugs which the patients were consuming for other diseases and illnesses.
  • Melatonin is one cell that generates melanin, responsible for toning of skin. When your skin gets affected by sunspot it can affect melatonin also. This results in excess production of melanin. This is one of reasons for getting brown tanning shades in your skin after repeated exposure to sun.
  • It would be interesting to note that not all sunspots lead to skin cancer. In many cases they stop at being just sunspots. But in other cases they may turn into potential skin cancer or melanoma. Exact reasons which make sunspots into cancer or just brown spots are still unknown. However dermatologists will be able to differentiate the two types based on symptoms. Once the difference is established, methods of treatments will also vary for both symptoms.

Usages of vitamin c serum for sunspots on chest have been found to be encouraging. You can apply them inform of lotion, cream or jelly for about 15 days. During this period you need to avoid exposure of affected regions on your skin to direct sun. There are no diet patterns advised which need to be followed. Once you complete your course of treatment, the sunspots will be eliminated from affected parts. Your dermatologist may ask you to use sunscreen in future to enhance protection from sun.

Treating sun spots between breasts with vitamin c serum

Reason for sun spots between breasts is same as other sunspots. But in some cases they may be accelerated due to imbalances in hormone levels in women. In initial stages they appear as distributed spots. But soon they develop into 100s of tiny spots across your breast region, covering neck, shoulders and back. They are not spreading as infection; rather lack of immunity in your skin is creating more of them.

  • By using vitamin c serum it is possible to treat sunspots on your breast. You could use it in form of cream or jelly. Regular application for few weeks should be able to make them go away.
  • Ingredients of serum play important in elimination of sunspots on your skin. Combination of natural vitamin c and Ferulic acid has proved to stop excess production of melanin due to oxidation of skin cells.  For this, the duo initiates reduction of free radicals which are responsible for melanin production. Spots are produced sue to excess of melanin. When skin is exposed to sun, the heat makes it produce more melanin to protect itself. This results in generation of skin sunspots through free radicals. Once the free radicals are deactivated or eliminated, melanin production is brought back to normal levels. Vitamin c has healing properties which then removes sunspots from your skin.

Elimination of sun spots above upper lip with vitamin c serum

Alike all others, sun spots above upper lip are also caused due to hyperpigmentation of skin cells caused by UV radiation. Since this region is said to be highly sensitive in nature, you need to take special care while using vitamin c serum. First you have to determine whether they are actually sunspots. Your dermatologist will be able to diagnose them and tell you.

  • Once it has been confirmed, you can start using vitamin c serum. It would be better if you use your fingers for applying the cream.
  • Take small amount of serum cream in your fingertip and apply it gently on affected regions.
  • Let the cream rinse for about 10 minutes. You don’t have to wash it off unless you need to eat. It is better if you apply it before going to bed and leave it overnight.
  • You need to follow this simple procedure for about 10 to 15 days. Meanwhile avoid exposing your facial skin to direct UV from sun. This will solve your problem and remove spots from your upper lip region completely. You can use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV during this period.