5 effective ways to fix uneven skin toning with Vitamin C Serum


Main cause of uneven skin tone redness is hyperpigmentation disorder. It can result from sunburn, hormonal disorders, autoimmunity, side effects of certain medicines and skin inflammations. Effective cure is possible with vitamin c serum. It is used for treating uneven skin toning in facial areas, neck, back, legs, hands and palm region. It is interesting to note that skin areas in your body that get frequently exposed to UV radiations from sun are more vulnerable to variation of tone. It leads you to obvious conclusion that UV does the maximum damage in altering your skin tone. When you go out to tan your skin next time, you need to keep this fact in your mind.

Getting rid of uneven skin tone and texture with vitamin c serum

First step towards getting permanent solution to uneven skin tone and texture is to overcome effects resulting from hyperpigmentation causes. You need to identify correct cause which is contributing to this phenomenon in your case. Treatment gets easy then. You will obviously need consultations with your dermatologist to know about the causes and treatment methods. Once she advises you on specific method, you need to follow it honestly to get expected results within specific duration of time.

  • Sunburn is one of primary causes of uneven skin toning. It causes hyperpigmentation by oxidative degeneration of your skin cells by producing free radicals. When free radicals are produced in large numbers, they obviously attack melatonin present in your skin. Since it has protective mechanism it starts releasing excess of melanin in order to protect skin cells from further damage. This process results in discoloration, uneven toning and texture of your skin. First you need to stop melatonin from producing excess of melanin. This could be done by treating your skin with antioxidant like vitamin c serum. Main benefit of this serum is that it has ingredients like Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Natural vitamin c. They form effective reducing agents that can free your skin layers from all oxidative free radicals. Once this process is complete, excess melanin production automatically gets under control.
  • In the next stage vitamin c ingredients like glycerin, Butylene Glycol and L-Ascorbic Acid play their role in balancing your skin tone and texture. They also help in beautifying your skin surface.
  • Other major role is played by the production of collagen in your skin. It regenerates skin cells with your original skin tone and restores them to external surface of skin. This follows removal of skin sun damaged skin cells by other ingredients of vitamin c serum. Collagen forms a sheath of cells and tissues by bonding them together with its adhesive nature. Now your external skin surface is soft, firm and flexible.
  • Remember, vitamin c serum is not sunscreen. So you need effective sunscreen cream or lotion which could be used along with vitamin c serum to make it more effective for long time. You can also use Aloe-Vera lotion to make your skin soft and silky.

Analyzing uneven skin tone after sunburn treatment

Once you have overcome problem of uneven skin tone after sunburn treatment, you need to take certain precautionary measures. These measures are aimed at protecting your skin further from sunburn attacks.

  • It is practically not possible for you to avoid exposure to sun for rest of your life! You need to go out and enjoy life under sun. But you also need to protect your skin. It can be done when you regularly use vitamin c serum along with sunscreen. This will protect your skin.
  • When you use vitamin c serum with sunscreen, it is always better to apply sunscreen before vitamin c serum cream or lotion. It is because of relative adhesive nature of serum compared with sunscreen. Another reason is that layer of serum can make your sunscreen to last longer on your skin surface layers.
  • You need to take care of using sunglasses, hat and cotton cloths to cover sun sensitive areas of your skin while traveling. Diet is another important part of your sunburn protection program. Consume foods with vitamin c, iron and other minerals which strengthen your immunity levels. Keep your alcohol consumption moderate and avoid smoking. Keep your skin in hygienic conditions and away from sweat.
  • Using essential oils like olive oil in combination with vitamin c serum could boost beautifying factors of your skin. It is because of interaction between glycerin in vitamin c serum and olive oil which gives added liveliness to your skin and keeps it brightened for long years to come in future.

Overcoming uneven skin tone after pregnancy

Post pregnancy period offers more challenges to protecting skin tone. This is mainly due to variations in hormone levels, sensitiveness and tenderness of skin, weakened immunity and other pregnancy issues. Vitamin c serum helps in overcoming most of these issues with its hormone balancing and antioxidant properties.

  • Main hormones which could go off track during pregnancy are estrogen and progesterone. Sometimes excess production of androgen could also cause hormonal imbalance. Whenever you are faced with such conditions, you need to contact your dermatologist. She will be able to give you proper prescription of vitamin c serum to overcome these problems.
  • If uneven skin toning is in mild level, you can use vitamin c serum in form of cream, lotion or jelly. Apply it onto affected regions in your skin regularly. Every time you apply, you need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes for the serum to get absorbed by your skin layers.
  • In case uneven skin toning is inform of patches, you could consider it as acute or advanced stage. These patches could appear anywhere on your skin including face, back, neck, legs and hands. In some cases you may be under the impression that these are tanning marks. You need confirmation from your dermatologist. She will be able to tell you difference between tanning and uneven skin tone. Now she may prescribe vitamin c serum I form of pills or IV shots, depending on intensity of problem.