Vitamin C Serum Skin Nourishment Protein


Vitamin c serum skin nourishment to your bones is very vital for formation and sustenance of collagen in your skin layers. Effective bone mass percentage is said to be between 4.3lb and 6.5lb for women. For men it is said to be between 5.9lb and when the bone mass goes below this percentage value, collagen content gets automatically reduced in your skin. Combination effect of these two result in hormone imbalances. In case of women it severely affects estrogen levels and in men it damages levels of testosterone. When vitamin c serum is used regularly in form of capsules and pills it nourishes your bone mass and maintains it within standard range.

Effects of vitamin c serum skin nourishment protein on bones and skin

  • Bones are made of collagen, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, minerals like pure calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous iron, copper, silicon and boron.  Main component being collagen it contributes to its balanced level in your skin. You need to regularly consume vitamin c serum which contains combination of mineral generating and balancing agents. Since your body is unable to generate vitamin c automatically, you will need external resource like foods and serum. However your foods may not supply sufficient quantity of vitamin c if you have any sort of bone health problems. In such cases your dependency on vitamin c serum will be more.
  • Even if you don’t have any bone related issues, you will need vitamin c serum. It is because this serum can effectively break down minerals and calcium in your foods to nourish your skin and bone. This will ensure healthy balance of collagen distribution. When your bones are strong and healthy, they in turn result in strong and healthy skin.

Need for Vitamin c serum skin nourishment during pregnancy

Skin nourishment during pregnancy is one of critical aspects to protect its health and beauty. Parameters of skin nourishment go beyond safeguarding your skin from infections and diseases. It is creation and sustenance of healthy skin cells and tissues.

  • Dry skin is one of most common features during time of pregnancy. Vitamin c serum hydrates your skin layers and keeps them moist for long time in all seasons. This is first stage of skin care. Second stage is skin nourishment. For this you could use some of essential oils that are rich in vitamin c. Tea tree oil, chamomile oil and olive oil contain rich content of vitamin c in them. You need to massage your belly, back, neck, legs and other parts of your body with these oils regularly. Combinational effects of these two could be experienced within few days when your skin starts losing its dullness, shedding black spots and transforming with bright and soft features.

Collagen is one of most important element for nourishing your skin layers. Besides increasing tensile strength and flexibility of your skin layers, collagen plays important role in maintaining texture of your skin, prevention of wrinkles, bonding of skin cells etc.

  • Collagen helps in flexing your skin’s internal layers also. It has its effects on epidermis, dermis and hypodermis layers of your skin. Vitamin c serum boosts production of collagen not only at skin levels, but also from bone levels. This is because bones produce collagen as one of important components to protect mass and strength. Collagen molecules produced from bones are also contributed to your skin. This means your skin is more flexible at all layers.
  • Copper is the minerals that adds brightness to your skin tone. It is also one of main constituents of your bone. Connectivity between your bone and skin makes this mineral gets distributed in all layers of your skin. Skin whitening process could also get boosted from vitamin c serum during collagen synthesis, since copper ingredient invariably gets added during this process.
  • The serum takes care of bonding the collagen molecules with your skin layers. When the molecules knit together closely, your skin becomes strong and flexible.
  • Supply of nutrients, essential minerals and other vitamins will be streamlined with interaction of vitamin c serum and your bone collagen. This is because collagen not only strengthens skin layers; it also nourishes them with supply of minerals and nutrients. Large scale shifts in skin nourishment happens for good when your bone mass and health starts improving. This will in turn affect supply of these minerals to your skin. Collagen acts as connecting link between your bone and skin. In addition collagen supplies nutrients and minerals to all skin layers from blood vessels in the dermis region into the skin layers until Keratin layer. This will help in complete nourishment of your skin layers.
  • Being antioxidant in nature, the serum also helps in increasing immunity of your skin from the root levels. In this regard connectivity between collagen synthesis and minerals like copper, iron, zinc and boron is considered to be critically important. Collagen collects them from bone marrows and tissues. When collagen from bone enters skin layers, it brings all these minerals along with it. Bonding formation between collagen and skin cells essential breaks ingredients of collagen and infuses them into skin cell membranes also. In this way minerals make their entry into skin cells.

Using vitamin c serum skin nourishment for nails

Nails are said to be indictors of your skin health. Dull and black nail shows your skin health is very poor. Bright and spotless nails indicate excellent skin health.

  • Brittleness in your nails is caused by deficiency of vitamin c. one of vitamin c serum skin nourishment tips is to keep your nail health good with vitamin c serum. One way to do is apply serum cream or lotion onto your nails regularly. Make sure that serum enters gap between your nails and skin. This one effective way of making serum reaches roots of your nail.
  • When you apply vitamin c serum skin nourishment cream for your nails and fingers, make sure that it is always vitamin c serum skin nourishment original product. This will ensure your skin and nail protection from negative effects of spurious products.