Simple ways to nourish your skin with vitamin c serum


Large scale availability of vitamin c serum skin care products gives you more options for benefiting from their effectiveness. You need to identify products based on your needs rather than your wants. This is first step towards wholesome beauty and skin health care. Your needs depend on type and tone of your skin, climatic conditions in which you live, exposure levels and duration to sun, heat and humidity, susceptibility to skin infections and existing health conditions of your skin. Once you have evaluated all these factors, you will be able to find right kind of products online. This will help you in attaining and sustaining the kind of skin you have always dreamt of.

Learn about vitamin c serum professional skin care formula

Most of vitamin c serum products have standard formula for vitamin c serum skin care ingredient. Some products may add certain ingredients to make them more specific to category of skin types and other parameters listed above. Some of common ingredients used in vitamin c serum are

Natural vitamin C

  • Natural vitamin C. It provides excellent support for cellular and tissue health. It generates collagen in your skin which increases tensile strength and flexibility. It provides complete support for health and fitness adrenal glands. This helps in generation of high quality and optimum volume testosterones.
  • You might have known testosterone only as fertility and virility booster. In addition this hormone has additional benefits like generation of skin elasticity, protection of collagen, increased toughness of skin, prolong skin aging process and preserve manliness in skin texture and tone.
  • Natural vitamin C is known as excellent healer of rashes, sores and injuries. When your skin is recovering from infections and injuries, it plays critical role in duration of healing. In addition it keeps immunity level of affected areas at high range, protecting them from further onslaught of bacteria and viruses.
  • Health of blood veins and skin health are closely related. Proper circulation of blood within vessels keeps your skin temperature in normal levels. It varies between 83 degree-F and 98 degree-F under room temperature. When blood circulation gets affected due to clogs in veins or other reasons, skin temperature could fluctuate. In most cases it shoots up to abnormal levels, causing various types of skin disorders and diseases. One of most dreaded disorders is called hypo hydration. This is one condition in which water levels in skin cells start fluctuating. This could lead to dry skin, skin rashes and make way for skin infections and diseases. It is possible to prevent such conditions from occurring.
  • You need to consult your physician who will prescribe high dosage of vitamin c serum in form of IV injection. Depending on cause of vessel blockage, the dosage and duration may vary. This will eventually get blockages cleared, restoring normal flow of blood through vessels. Once this is done, symptoms of hypo hydration condition will naturally heal. Care needs to be taken with usage of vitamin c serum skin care in your 30’s., especially when you are prone to frequent skin infections.
  • It is important to monitor level of vitamin c serum usage during times of hypo hydration attacks. This is due to fact that this condition could lead to skin disorders which need to be prevented.
  • Natural vitamin C is immunity provider. It provides protection against commonly occurring skin infections like skin sores, acne, rashes and other illnesses. It also gives protection against black pots on skin, skin knot formation etc.


  • Ethoxydiglycol is known to provide high level skin nourishing elements. When it is effectively combined with natural vitamin C and other ingredients, it starts penetrating into multiple layers of epidermis and dermis layers. There it starts nourishing each cell and tissue with supply of vitamins (mainly natural vitamin C), and nutrients. This process increases energy levels of skin cells and tissues.
  • Ethoxydiglycol has moisture retaining property. Since it gets absorbed into skin cells and tissues, their moisture levels are retained over long period of time.
  • Ethoxydiglycol gives excellent brightness and glowing properties to your skin surface. It has high rate of compatibility with glycerin, another ingredient of vitamin c serum. In combination they remove dullness causing factors from skin surface.

Ferulic Acid

  • It is another antioxidant which produces additional level of free radical removing capacity to vitamin c serum. As you are aware, most of skin disorders are created due to progressive damage from free radicals. These free radicals could be produced due to external factors like UV radiation, excess heat, infection viruses, bacteria and others. Internal causes could be hormonal imbalance, malfunction of glands related to skin health and other reasons.
  • It freezes activities of free radicals generated from UV radiations and sun. This helps in avoiding many of potential skin damages which are caused due to sun, heat and humidity. You will find benefits of Ferulic acid ingredient if you happen to use vitamin c serum in tropical climatic conditions. When the serum is used in form of jelly, it is always better to combine it with sun screen. This will help in increasing protection levels of your skin layers.  


It is commonly known as Vitamin B3. It helps in whitening of your skin tone. It is natural inhibitor of melanin which gets generated in people with dark and brownish complexion. In addition it prevents the movement of pigmentation agents from dermis region to top skin surface. This is found to be helpful in prevention of dark spots.

Vitamin E

It is yet another antioxidant similar to vitamin C. It keeps hydrating your skin cells and tissues in all layers consistently. Its effects could be experienced over long time when vitamin c serum is consumed in forms of capsules or pills.

Vitamin c serum skin care treatments

Unlike other treatment procedures this is fairly simple and fast. If you are using serum in forms of jelly, cream or lotion, you just need to start applying it on affected regions of your skin. When you use serum in forms of capsules or pills, you just have to start consuming them. Your dermatologist or physician will advise you when and how you need to use it in form of IV injection, if required. You need to take special care of vitamin c serum skin care in winter since chances of infection are more.

Role of vitamin c serum skin care therapist

You need to consult him when you wish to get faster cure from irreparable skin damages in cases of chronic diseases like skin cancer. He will give you valuable suggestions about vitamin c serum skin care ingredient that cures and heals all damages.

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