Protective mechanism of vitamin c serum against heat and humidity


Vitamin c serum heat protection lotion designed for protection against heat and humidity produced by changing climatic conditions. Sweat deposits on your skin layers are said to be main reasons for dust and dirt accumulation. When left untreated it slowly fills up your skin pores, leading to acne, rashes and many forms of skin infections. Mold growth on skin is also attributed to these reasons. Among women vaginal track infections from yeast deposits could result in spreading of red spots, irritation, skin sores and other forms of skin infections. Excess humidity on your skin layers could also lead to growth of bacteria. This results in infections like ecthyma, which is one form of skin infection which is responsible for degeneration of inner layers of dermis skin layer.

Effective usage of vitamin c serum heat protection lotion

Vitamin c serum heat protection lotion is used to reduce effects of heat and humidity on your skin layers. In addition it could perform functions like protecting your skin cells when they are exposed to varying climatic conditions. Third most important contribution of these lotions is to condition your skin cells for tolerance against heat and humidity. When these three goals are achieved by protection lotion, you could expect to have good skin health despite changes in climatic conditions.

  • Vitamin c serum heat protection lotion does more than any normal lotion would do. It is due to its intrinsic characteristics like antioxidant nature, immunity booster, skin coolant, antifungal & infection nature etc.
  • Interaction levels of vitamin c serum ingredients are high with all layers of your skin. This is due to fact that cells and tissues in each layer absorb vitamin c serum ingredients by breaking down parent molecular structure. This makes serum seep till hypodermis layer of skin.
  • It is said that 21 percent of vitamin c in your skin lotion could act as coolant for your skin. Vitamin c serum contains more than this recommended percentage. It can extract heat deposited in almost all layers of your skin and convert it into sweat, which is released into external skin layer through pores. You need to take care of frequent sweat removal by washing your skin regularly. Since sweat contains dirt and dead bacteria it causes foul smell. So you need to use best of anti-infection soap with ingredients of vitamin c serum, Aloe-Vera and essential oils. This will keep your skin’s external layer free from debris depositions.
  • Vitamin c serum is used not only for protection against heat and humidity, but also for preserving essential levels of moisture within your skin. When your skin gets affected by humid conditions, it dries away moisture in your skin layers and fills it unhealthy fluids. This is one reason for your skin to become vulnerable to infections. Improvement in level of moisture content can be managed when vitamin c serum is used in optimum levels.
  • You need to eliminate unhealthy fluid and maintain healthy moisture index. According to dermatologists, moisture index of 41% or higher is said to be optimum for skin. At this level, skin will be able to absorb heat convert into sweat and eliminate it through skin pores.  When you wish to maintain this level of moisture in your skin, you need to protect outer layers of skin from sun and UV radiation. Primary criterion is to avoid penetration of excess sun into skin. This could be achieved when you combine vitamin c serum with effective sun screen. You need to apply sun screen onto your skin and follow it up with vitamin c serum lotion. Since density of serum lotion is higher, it forms protective layer on your skin. Most of radiation is reflected by this layer. Even when part of radiation manages to penetrate this layer, it gets trapped by sun screen.
  • When your skin is in dry condition and it is exposed to heat and humidity, the 33% of skin moisture will not be able to absorb any heat. Since your skin is unable to convert it into sweat, it gets trapped within layers of skin. This could lead to many skin infections like Tinea Versicolor. This condition produces plaques on your skin surface in chest region, arms, back and other sensitive regions. One of most effective treatment methods for this infection is through vitamin c serum with Aloe Vera and essential oils. Combinational treatment will be for 4 to 5 days in initial stages. Then you need to repeat it once in every month. This will be sufficient to eliminate Tinea Versicolor from your skin and keep it away for good. You also need to care about consuming plenty of fluids from tender coconut and water.
  • According to American academy of dermatology, optimum levels of moisture in your skin are marked by index of 40% and above. When your skin moisture level dips below this level and heat gets trapped in your skin layers, it could result in one more type of skin infection called Ecthyma. This infection causes hard crust formation on your skin external layer. You need to use vitamin c serum heat protection oil in order to break down this crust and eliminate it completely from your skin.
  • There are several standard procedures which are used to measure effectiveness of vitamin c serum heat protection leg. This is critical foot and leg health is responsible for management of skin and body health. When vitamin c serum heat protection insulation is induced with moisturizing properties, longevity of skin health in your legs improves to considerable extent.
  • Vitamin c serum heat protection conditioner is responsible for preparing your skin layers for tolerance against heat and humidity. Reactions of moisturized skin to such conditions when ingredients of vitamin c serum work effectively are said to be high. Your skin health is maintained at good levels even when it gets exposed to natural elements like climatic conditions for longer period of time.  You can even try out using vitamin c serum heat protection for hair to see its effectiveness in protecting your skin from heat and humidity.