Opinions of dermatologists about Vitamin C Serum and its benefits


American national Library of medicine publishes volumes of Vitamin C serum reviews that are written by dermatologists from across US. According these reviews, the serum performs multiple functions of beauty and skin protector, antioxidant, immunity guard, and blood thinner, anticancer agent, absorbent of toxic elements and so on. American academy of dermatology publishes journals highlighting latest research papers on Vitamin C serum applications. As you read through opinions of experts in these sites and journals, certain points become clear to understand. They also bring you understanding of Vitamin C serum ingredients and their role in making impact on your skin with near zero side effects.

Structural and functional aspects of vitamin c serum recipe

  • Most of research papers focus on molecular structure of Vitamin C serum. Since it consists of many ingredients you need to understand each of them individually. Common ingredients that you find in this serum are Vitamin C in natural form, vitamin E, Ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid and other natural elements.
  • Vitamin C (C6H8O6) has density of 1.694 g/cm3 and melting point of 190 degrees. These two properties are significant when it is used as gel form. With this optimum density level, the serum creates protective layer around your skin that protects you from natural elements like sun, heat, humidity and dryness. Since its melting point is high, you will be able to use it even in tropical climates where temperature could soar to about 50 degrees.
  • Biologically Vitamin C is considered as reducing agent that is capable of donating electrons. That means it acts against all forms of oxidative reactions on your skin. Dermatologists use this property of Vitamin C to eliminate oxidative reactions of free radicals generated by sunlight and other agents that react with your skin directly or indirectly. This process removes toxic substances from your skin and gives immunity against viral and bacterial infections.
  • Vitamin C is responsible for natural synthesis of collagen in your skin. There are 5 types of collagen that are useful for skin, bone, cartilage, cells, hair, liver, pancreas, ovaries and other organs & glands. It is applied in cosmetics, regeneration of tissues, heart and cardiovascular organs, healing and other medical & surgical areas. It is one type of structural-protein with high tensile strength. It gives elasticity to skin and boosts its strength. This property naturally prevents formation of wrinkles on your skin.
  • Vitamin C is responsible for prevention and possible cure of skin cancer, which is made of malicious type of neoplasms. They are made of neoplastic cells which have excellent cloning ability. That means they can make copies of themselves in rapid pace and spread across. This is primary reason for their quick growth and spreading. Vitamin C has inbuilt mechanism through which it could stop cloning of neoplasms from point of origin. It can also inhibit free radicals from encouraging growth of neoplasms and deplete them of essential elements. Now neoplasms start dying out. After specific period of treatment with vitamin c serum they get eliminated.
  • An extensive research paper on link between vitamin C and inhibition of skin tumor growth focuses on high dosage of vitamin c with concentrations of 1000mg/dl for effective eradication of skin cancer tumors. This paper is based on practical analysis of treatments conducted across US on skin cancer patients.
  • Another important ingredient of vitamin c serum is Ferulic acid (C10H10O4). It has molar mass of 194.18 g/mol and melting point of 172 degrees. It is acidic and antioxidant in nature.  It removes free radicals from skin cells. It has anti-inflammation and anti-carcinogenic properties making it effective for skin cancer treatments. Moreover its chain like structure makes it highly compatible with vitamin c for creation of serum.
  • Hyaluronic acid ((C14H21NO11) n is anionic in nature. It is viscous agent. Critical application of this acid could be found in tracking progress of skin tumor. It has properties to eliminate growing tumor cells from base mass of tumor, thus avoid further growth and expansion. It could also produce ions which make cancer cells create self-destructive elements. When it is combined with vitamin c and Ferulic acid, it forms fine anticancer vitamin c serum.
  • Vitamin E has α-tocopherol structure which means it is antioxidant soluble in lipids. It is capable of producing protective layer for preventing oxidation of skin cell membranes. It removes peroxyl radicals from skin. It can detect gene expressions in most of hormones, cancer tumors and skin cells, thus helping in regeneration of skin cells and tissues. When combined with other ingredients of vitamin c serum it gives excellent skin protecting, energizing and beautifying effects for long time.

Benefits of vitamin c serum capsules

Vitamin c serum capsules solve many of your concerns about time required for making impact. When you use the serum in gel or cream form you may often wonder about vitamin c serum how long to see results? Capsules become active within few minutes after consumption. They also have property of attracting and attaching vitamins, nutrients and other essential minerals from your foods. Once the ingredients reach their target cells, they get absorbed into them along with all the attached elements. So your skin cells and tissues get benefits of strength, elasticity, brightness, immunity and freedom from oiliness & oxidative elements.

Uses of vitamin c serum injection

Vitamin c serum injection is used to make deeper impacts on body’s internal organs that may have short and long term influences on your skin health, beauty and fitness.

  • Vitamin c serum highest potency properties could be realized to keep your skin free from infections and diseases. Since your skin cells are conditioned with these properties, effects are long lasting for many years.
  • Since vitamin c serum is made of natural elements, your skin layers absorb them without any sort of resistance (unless your body has genetic or acquired resistance syndrome).
  • Vitamin c serum has high healing properties. Cuts, bruises and other forms of injuries heal relatively faster when vitamin c serum is used in IV injection form along with prescribed medicines.
  • When vitamin c serum hydroquinone combination is used regularly, it lightens your skin tone and brightens it.  

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