Efficient ways to keep your skin free from dryness with vitamin c serum


Vitamin c serum for dry skin treatment becomes effective right from day one you start using it. Its effects could be experienced within 10 to 15 days of regular usage. In most of normal cases it would be sufficient for you to use it in forms of jelly, lotion, cream and other externals. This method is normally adopted when you wish to use it for cosmetic purposes. When it is used for dermatological purposes you may need to consume them in form of capsules or pills. When your usage extends to medical purposes like cure and prevention of skin diseases, infections and other chronic disorders your dermatologist will recommend it in form of IV injections.

Reasons for usage of vitamin c serum dry skin remedy

  • Cosmetic level of skin dryness is one form. Dryness of skin could be caused due to external or internal factors. Intensity of dryness and its consequences maybe limited to cosmetic level. Here you experience skin dullness, loss of moisture, mild skin damages like rashes, black dots etc. Initial stage of acne, pimples formation and loss of vital skin lipids and collagen could be included here.
  • Dermatological level of skin dryness is second form. Intensity of skin dryness causes infections and irritations at this level. Most common skin infections due to dry skin are eczema, psoriasis, chickenpox, moles, acne, Seborrheic dermatitis etc.  
  • Medical level of skin dryness is third form. Here consequences could be acute or chronic depending on intensity and causes of skin dryness. In some cases chronic skin diseases may be factors which cause skin dryness. Some of such diseases are herpes simplex, scaling of skin, basal cell Carcinoma, Keloids, melanoma, melasma and many others.

Treatment methods and duration will vary depending on three levels and intensity of skin dryness and causing infections and diseases.

Effect of vitamin c serum dry skin supplements

  • Dullness of skin is overcome with regular usage of vitamin c serum in form of jelly or cream. Dullness due to oxidative effect of climatic conditions, allergic reaction to medicine, diet imbalance and stress. Vitamin c serum eliminates dullness by its antioxidant properties. It removes free radicals from your skin and eases path to bright skin. When allergic condition results in skin dullness, you need to apply vitamin c serum jelly on specific parts which are affected by allergy. Let your skin absorb it for about 5 to 20 minutes. Then you need to wash it with lukewarm water gently and rub it with soft cotton. If intensity of allergic reactions is severe, you may need to apply jelly several times during the day as prescribed by your beautician. Continue procedure for 10 days when you start experiencing visible results.
  • Diet imbalance causes dull skin. This happens when your skin is not able to get benefits of vitamin c content in foods you consume or your food lacks sufficient quantity of vitamin c required for your skin. In this case you need to apply vitamin c serum liquid on regions affected with dryness and dullness. In most of cases your complete skin may not be affected by this syndrome and dullness appears in patches. Once you have applied the liquid it gets absorbed more easily than jelly or cream. Within 2 weeks dull spots will be eliminated.
  • Loss of moisture in skin cells and tissues is another condition resulting from skin dryness. In normal cases it may be restricted to cells in top layer of skin. In advanced stages, loss of moisture affects cells within dermis and hypodermis regions also. In such cases you may need to use vitamin c jelly over longer duration. In some cases you may need to massage serum all over your body. Best form is to use spray. It helps in fast spreading of liquid within short time. It takes about 15 days of consistent spray. In case moisture levels don’t improve within this timeframe, you may need to contact your dermatologist in this regard. He may recommend stronger concentrations. Even in cases where your skin is hard, you will need stronger concentrations. Don’t try to dilute original liquid in anyway. This reduces effectiveness and may produce zero results.

Dermatological level of skin dryness results in many types of skin infections like acne. Your skin gets affected by red colored pimple or bumps. Some types of acne are caused due to dry and scaly skin. This leads to formation of blackheads, spot formation and inflammation. Curing methods have definite stages of treatment with vitamin c serum cream and lotion. You need to follow specific procedures.

  • Before applying vitamin c serum, you need to clean affected areas and use cotton to take out water. Then you apply one coat of cream. Let affected part soak on for about 30 minutes. You will observe cream being absorbed into skin.
  • Give one more coating and leave it. It is better to apply cream during night and let it soak till morning. Repetitive treatment will make acne fall off your skin naturally. Even marks from acne would disappear in most cases.
  • Eczema treatment with vitamin c serum involves applying cream on affected regions. Two weeks of consistent treatment will make eczema go away.

Medical level skin dryness could be caused due to some of chronic skin diseases listed above. In such cases use of vitamin c serum would be recommended in form of IV injections. Dosage and duration of treatment depends on intensity of disease. When disease is in advanced or chronic stages, you may need therapeutic or surgical methods to get rid of such conditions. For example basal cell Carcinoma tumor is one such disease.

  • Removal of disease causing tumor and curing of disease will be hastened when vitamin c serum is combined with medicines, treatment and surgical procedures.
  • Postsurgical healing treatment procedures are mainly managed with help of vitamin c serum. It helps in removing many of marks and spots left behind by disease. By the time you reach end of treatment procedure, your skin dryness problem would have been solved too.

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