5 top tips to lighten your skin tone with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum for even skin tone works wonders in lightening your skin tone. It is not magic rather it is logic of ingredients and preparation methods that make difference. Functions of serum are categorized into many levels. In each level, the serum acts on your various elements that are responsible for tone and texture of your skin. Dosage and duration of skin treatment depend on your existing skin conditions. Before you start using vitamin c serum for lightening your skin you need to understand exact nature of your existing skin and its conditions. This helps in choosing right kind of product and usage methods.

Understand vitamin c serum skin tone texture changing methods  

Melanin is one pigment that controls your skin color. Source of this pigment is melanocyte which is located mainly within epidermis layer of your skin. The other regions where you could find existence of melanocyte are uvea region of eyes and on your bones. Color of your skin is determined by process called pigmentation which is result of another process called melanogenesis. This is primary process. Other way in which pigmentation happens is through oxidation of pre produced melanin.

  • Melanogenesis produces darker tones of skin color. It is quite complex in nature. Tyrosinase is one element in your skin which speeds up this process. Women with pale-white and fair skin tones have fewer Tyrosinase molecules and low rate of melanogenesis process. Women with medium and olive tone have relatively higher Tyrosinase and melanogenesis. Women with dark brown and black skin tone have maximum melanogenesis and Tyrosinase.
  • If you wish to lighten your skin tone, you need to control presence of Tyrosinase as well as process of melanogenesis. Both these tasks are carried out by vitamin c serum. Serum also removes many types of free radicals which are produced due to oxidative process initiated by UV light and other factors. This effectively increases probability of your skin lightening. Other way in which serum helps your skin is by regenerating cells damaged by UV rays of sun.
  • Apart from controlling pigmentation levels, vitamin c serum also encourages generation of skin lightening element glutathione. It is one of critical antioxidants which help your skin whitening. It works best when it is subject to reduction process (opposite to oxidation). In this form glutathione has ability to stay resident in your skin over longer time. This element is naturally produced by your body with help of cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. According to leading dermatologists using vitamin c serum to strengthen glutathione levels produced by your body is best and fast way to skin whitening.
  • Oxidation is one process which could drastically reduce existing levels of glutathione in your body. This tends to reduce process of skin whitening. When you consume vitamin c serum, it prevents oxidation process and protects glutathione from being eliminated. This in turn hastens process of your skin whitening. If you wish to boost its levels in your skin while taking vitamin c treatment, you need to add potatoes, pepper, carrots, apples, oranges, bananas, melon, garlic and tomatoes. By interacting with high volume of glutathione in your body, vitamin c serum can speed up process of your skin lightening.

Ideal kind of vitamin c serum skin tone women love to have

Pale white and fair tones are most favorite skin tones of women. These two skin tones are influenced by pheomelanin. This is one version of melanin which is yellow + red in nature. When percentage of this pigment is more, your skin has tendencies to turn fair or pale white in tone. There is another version of melanin called eumelanin. This is brown + black in nature.

  • Vitamin E present in Vitamin c serum along with other ingredients can effectively increase pheomelanin content in your skin and reduce levels of eumelanin within epidermis layer.
  • Time span required to initiate and complete this process varies, depending on your existing skin tone and health condition.

Other types of vitamin c serum benefits for skin

Apart from being fair and bright your skin needs to be strong, flexible, soft, moist and free from unhealthy oily and fatty content. Only then it can sustain its fairness in long run. Protection from infections and diseases is another critical need of your skin. Healthy and functional skin pores, functional glands & hormones and well balanced cardiovascular system are parameters which support your skin health directly and indirectly.

  • Vitamin c serum clears up all your skin pores from deposition of sweat, dirt and bacteria. This helps your skin to breathe healthy.
  • Vitamin c serum for dry skin works by removing elements that cause dryness within your skin. This process helps your skin cells to retain moisture over long periods of time.
  • Vitamin c as antioxidant removes most of free radicals produced within your skin and body. This helps in prevention of inflammation, removal of wrinkles, firming of skin layers and treatment of sores, rashes and other forms of skin problems. Vitamin c serum dry skin moisturizing capacity makes it effective for all dry skin problems.
  • Vitamin c as healer helps in restoration and regeneration of skin cells and tissues during recovery from skin diseases. It also acts as powerful supplement with many anti skin disease medicines and treatments. One of main functions of serum is to disable or disconnect free radicals from promoting survival and spreading of bacteria and viruses. Once supply lines are cut off, they start weakening and get eliminated faster. Hyaluronic acid ingredient in fact cerates many ions which enter bacterial cells and destroy them.
  • Vitamin c serum fights skin cancer. It removes peroxyl radicals from skin. It contains Vitamin E ingredient which has the capacity detect cancer tumors which are present in skin cells in initial stages. This in turn stimulates hyaluronic acid, which is mapper of cancer cells. Vitamin c works in combination with these two ingredients to weaken cancer cells and cause their elimination. Even in cases where formation of tumor has started, vitamin c serum is known to accumulate around it and prevent it from growing. It induces cancer cells to create self-destructive ions. When serum is used for long term treatment, skin cancer tumors could be reduced or eliminated.