5 top functionalities of Vitamin C Serum as antioxidant agent


Vitamin c serum antioxidant rich content formula is increasingly used to cure many of skin ailments. Most of these ailments are eliminated from root level after sustained usage of serum for specific period of time. Dermatologists have even suggested certain diet balancing methods that could help in enhancing effectiveness of serum treatment. In some cases vitamin c serum is used in combination with selenium from free radical damages caused by UV radiations of sun. Similarly there are many other natural medicines which increase pace of curing and healing processes when used with this serum. Aim is to protect health and beauty of your skin during all seasons.

Experience vitamin c serum antioxidant power

Free radicals are wobbly type of molecules which get generated within your skin. Oxidation is the main process responsible for their creation. Their negative effects on your skin could be mild, severe or critical. Mild effects are skin color change which may be temporary. Severe effects include production of wrinkles, causing dryness, acne, scale formation etc. Critical damages could be melanoma, melasma, skin cancer etc. It is better that you start understanding these effects and its cure with vitamin c serum. This could help you in taking precautionary measures and start using serum before you start developing any of symptoms.  

  • Free radicals could speed up process of your skin aging. This has been established through many studies and experiments conducted by American association of dermatologists. Oxidation due to sunlight produces free radical molecules. Being highly unstable in nature, they have tendency to attach themselves with skin cells. This causes chain of oxidative reactions to happen within your skin cells. Your skin starts losing its vital protective elements, vitamins, nutrients and other health factors. Soon the cell starts shrinking due to its dry state, leading to wrinkles. As the conditions worsen it leads to aging process.
  • Vitamin C serum is highly antioxidant in nature. When it is applied in form of jelly, cream or lotion it gets absorbed by skin cells and tissues. Being antioxidant it has reducing nature. It covers cell membranes with coats of natural vitamin c, collagen, Ferulic acid and hyaluronic Acid. This is said to be strong layer of protection. When free radicals interact with this layer they effectively get reduced and lose their oxidative characteristics naturally. Hence they are unable to cause any sort of damages to your skin now. However some UV rays from sun do manage to penetrate through this layer. That is why dermatologists recommend using vitamin c serum in combination with sun screen.
  • Correct method of applying sun screen would be before using vitamin c serum. Apply fine coat of sunscreen and then follow it up with vitamin c serum. This will certainly take care of your skin and protect it from free radical damages for long time. This will also reverse skin aging by preventing them for getting formed.
  • Reversing process is something which is aimed at something like turning clock back. With powerful ingredients like collagen and Ferulic acid, vitamin c serum starts forming coat of collagen on your skin layer at the top. Collagen is known for its flexible nature and tensile strength. It stretches out all skin cells at top layers, forcing them to bond with each other and form strong base surface. This is free from wrinkles. Element like Ferulic acid with its antioxidant properties remove all dead free radicals and other pollutants from top 4 layers of  your skin. Since it is soluble in nature, it gets dissolved with sweat on your skin and enters skin pores. There it starts reducing all oxidative elements like dirt, dust and others. They cannot seep into your skin since it is protected by sheath of collagen. So they get eliminated from your skin. If you continue your skin treatment with vitamin c serum for about 2 weeks, you will be able to experience significant effects.
  • Antioxidant nature of vitamin c makes it powerful acne remover. Most common reasons for formation of acne are stress due to oxidation reaction. First stage is inflammation. This leads to damaging of sebum which is oily substance generated by sebaceous glands. When it is in correct quantity it protects your skin as barrier for water. That means excess water cannot get into your skin and excess water cannot leave from your skin. This keeps hydration levels balanced. It also guards your skin from infections.
  • Inflammation produces free radicals that damage structure of sebum. Now it starts generating excess of oil in order to protect itself from further damages and repair itself. But volume of oil produced by it is too much for it to handle and hence it secretes it. This excess oil gets oxidized due to inflammation and it gets deposited in your skin pores (It has nowhere else to go). This leads to formation of pores.
  • Since acnes get formed due to process of oxidation, they naturally get eliminated when they come in contact with vitamin c serum which is powerful antioxidant.
  • Critical cases of skin oxidation due to free radicals may lead to melanoma. This is one type of skin cancer that starts developing slowly with time. It is mainly caused due to oxidation of skin cells from UV radiation generated free radicals. When vitamin c serum is used regularly, it can reverse process of oxidation and reduce all free radicals. It also protects your skin from harmful UV radiation when used with good quality sunscreen.

Benefits of vitamin c serum antioxidant minerals

Antioxidant minerals are present in vitamin c serum inform of zinc, iron and copper. They strengthen outer surface layer of your skin in combination with collagen. It bonds all links between skin cells and forms closely knitted layer. It protects your skin from radiation, skin infections and free radical damages.

Balancing of vitamin c serum antioxidant levels

Vitamin c serum ingredients are added in such proportions that it eventually balances antioxidant levels within your skin, depending on conditions of your skin. This will prevent negative effects of excess reduction process. You need to consume measured quantities of vitamin c serum antioxidant vegetables in order to keep this balance for long time. You could also try out vitamin c serum antioxidant smoothies and vitamin c serum antioxidant supplements.