5 great ideas for preserving optimum skin moisture with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum skin moisture cream prevents development of dryness in several stages. Initially it preserves existing level of moisture by protecting cell membranes. Then it eliminates all possible causes of dryness. It follows up by enhancing moisture levels and optimizes it. These steps look simple when you read it. But the underlying processes take time. Dermatologists across US have conducted several tests on different types of skin to ascertain exact procedures for preserving and optimizing skin moisture. Tests have been conducted without and with vitamin c serum. Certain marked differences were observed by results obtained from these two types of testing.

5 effective ways of vitamin c serum skin moisture testing

  1. Improvement in level of moisture content varied between two methods. In tests where vitamin c serum was used, moisture index showed 41% or higher. Other test showed between 33% and 39%. According to American academy of dermatology, optimum levels are marked by index of 40% and above. There are several standard procedures which are used to measure effectiveness of moisturizing and their longevity. Reactions of moisturized skin are recorded when it gets exposed to natural elements like climatic conditions for specific period of time. Test is again conducted to measure moisture index. In case of skin treated with vitamin c serum, index slipped to values between 38% and 39% which is still considered as moisturized condition. In case of skin treated without this serum, index value slipped to less than 33% which is considered dry condition.
  2. Ph value of skin varied between tests conducted with vitamin c serum and without it. In cases where serum was used ph-value varied between 6.99 and 7.11, while skin without serum showed values below 6.5 or above 7.2. This indicted the vulnerability of skin to acidic or alkaline nature in absence of vitamin c serum.
  3. Reaction of skin to stress was another marked difference between skin treated with vitamin c serum and one which was not. When detailed analysis was conducted, it revealed resistance factors to stress developed by serum treated skin. One of main benefits from vitamin serum was found to be its ability to balance hormone named Cortisol. This effectively prevented effects of physical stress on skin. Another benefit was controlling blood pressure levels. People treated with vitamin c serum showed value of less than 120/80mm/Hg even when subject to stress. This is one of critical tests since increased stress can cause skin problems like rashes, psoriasis, eczema, inflammation and others. Probability of these problems due to stress factors were found to be nearly eliminated with usage of vitamin c serum.
  4. Longevity of moisture retention depends on formation of natural protective cover over skin layer and conditioning of external membrane surface. In cases of skin treated with vitamin c serum layer of collagen was found to preserve hydration levels within skin cells and tissues over longer period time. This factor was found to be missing in skin treated without vitamin c serum.
  5. Probability of wrinkles formation was found to be near zero in skin treated with vitamin c serum.

5 effective tips for using vitamin c serum skin moisture jelly

  1. Use vitamin c serum with sun screen to get maximum benefits of beauty care treatments. Best way is to apply sun screen before using vitamin c serum jelly. This will take care of protecting your skin even when it is exposed to sun and UV light for brief periods of time. This is due to reason that most of UV radiations are reflected by serum jelly. Since density of jelly is higher compared to sun screen it prevents drying up of this layer. Those UV rays which do manage to penetrate jelly layer are reversed by sun screen layer, thus ensuring complete protection during all seasons.
  2. Skin gets affected by dust, sweat and dirt which get deposited on its outer layers. When you apply vitamin c serum jelly on these layers, it may not make any impact on your skin at all. So you need to regularly wash your skin and wipe with clean cotton before applying serum jelly. This will increase effectiveness of jelly over long time.
  3. Use only recommended level of vitamin c serum jelly. Most of products will have written instructions about quantity and frequency of usage. If you go below recommended values, it may not give you expected results within specific time period. If you use it excessively, it might have certain side effects depending on sensitivity of your skin.
  4. Penetration period of vitamin c serum varies between various textures and tones of skin. So you need to give some time for jelly to penetrate through your skin layers. It is better to avoid applying any other form of cosmetic products at least for 1 hour after using serum jelly. It is not because of probability of side effects, rather due to chances of ineffectiveness.
  5. Follow hygienic way of life and keep your skin clean. You need to wash your skin everyday with pure water. Dermatologists recommend two showers in one day to keep your skin fresh and lively. Using natural cleansers like Aloe-Vera and rosemary oil could keep your skin in better condition.

Benefits of using vitamin c serum skin moisture soaps

If your bathing soap contains vitamin c serum along with Aloe-Vera and essential oils, you could expect to attain and sustain younger feeling skin even after 40s. There are many practical reasons for this rather than depending on vitamin c serum skin moisture pills always.

  1. Vitamin c serum skin moisture control needs to be active round the clock. When you shower with this moisturizer soap twice, you are effectively ensuring this.
  2. Vitamin c serum skin moisture protection is found to be more effective when your skin is kept under hygienic conditions.  The moisturizer soap makes it possible.
  3. Vitamin c serum moisturizer soap is something which you apply to all parts of your body regularly. So your complete body gets benefits of moisturizing effects.
  4. Vitamin c serum moisturizer soap is usable for all types and tones of skin without having to add any other additive elements.
  5. Vitamin c serum moisturizer soap contains essential oils as ingredients. So you don’t need to use them separately.

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