Your Skin Care, Your Way

Your Skin Care, Your Way
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  1. Even if you have oily skin you should ALWAYS moisturize your entire face.
    If you don’t your skin will be more oily as your skin is lacking oil, it
    WILL produce more. And you should always cleanse your face with a cleanser
    or at least water. That sheet masks is not to be wiped away, it supposed to
    be rubbed whatever excess in to the skin.

  2. I’m scrolling through the comments trying to find out what is the name of
    the song at the beginning of the video… Ooo… la la la… Come over here
    now… I wanna say hi… Google couldn’t find it.

  3. I’m not a Reptilian MAN! I don’t need to spend Hour’s a day putting on a
    Face from the Body part’s of the people you KILLED the night before!

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