Women Try Korean Skincare For A Week

Women Try Korean Skincare For A Week
Just when you thought your skin routine was long…

Check out these skin care products here:

Cleansing Balm: Banila Co. Clean it Zero – http://fave.co/2md5uYX
Foaming Cleanser: Nooni Snowflake Whipping Cleanser – http://fave.co/2myKvT6
Acne Cleanser: Ciracle Anti-Blemish Tea Tree Face Wash – http://fave.co/2mcR4bf
Toner: Oolu Orchid Toner – http://fave.co/2myLFhd
Acne Toner: COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner – http://fave.co/2md3QX6
Serum: Pore Corset Serum – http://fave.co/2mcXoiT
Essence: Manyo Factory Galactomyces Niacin Special Treatment Essence – http://fave.co/2myLOBh
Moisturizer: Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream – http://fave.co/2md7zEh
SPF: Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50 – http://fave.co/2md1kAe
Masks: Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack #Niacinamide and #Lime
ETC Bear Headband
I’m Dual Pore Brush – http://fave.co/2myxity

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  1. I’d rather spend 30 minutes a day taking real good care of my skin than putting on makeup because cmon, who needs tons of makeup when you have perfect skin

  2. I have always wanted to try Korean skin care but was afraid that it may hurt my skin, but REALLT want to try. Any good Korean skin products ^_^

  3. Am I the only one who’s skin gets worse when I do all that? Serious question. I don’t know why my skin is super sensitive I get rashes and my face burns if I try to do all those things. My face feels smoother and looks more hydrated when I only use cleanser and moisturizer.

  4. They all like weird cheap products that have copied labels from high brand skin care. Wouldn’t risk it.

  5. i want the products so badly. can some teach or help me how to get it. preferably the cheapest price (if ever). thank you

  6. I really want to try doing this skincare routine, because I’m at the age where breakouts are at its climax. But i don’t have the budget and I understand that this needs investment.

    Also, Im afraid im putting too much chemicals on my face and that would just worsen my breakouts 🙁

  7. Favorite part “I don’t need a Halloween costume next year, just going to go as a slutty bear.” XD

  8. I absolutely love Korean skincare/makeup products! Especially the sheet masks. I have very dry skin, always have and only Korean moisturizers have helped with that issue.

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