Top 10 Anti-Aging Secrets That Won’t Break The Bank!

Top 10 Anti-Aging Secrets That Won’t Break The Bank!
These are my top 10 tips to look 10 years younger and they are almost all free! Combine them together to not only look youthful but feel better as well. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and come back next week.

Lip color: Marc Jacobs “In The Mood” with Jentry Kelley’s “Terracotta Twist” lip gloss on top

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  1. You are awesome. You know that? I love your style. Classy, friendly, professional. And you are beautiful. But you are not arrogant… I really love your posts. It’s a few minutes qualitytime every time I watch one of your videos. Keep up the good work and stay the way you are. 😀

  2. Dominique, you are looking so youthful and beautiful in this video!! (not that you don’t look this stunning otherwise! lol) thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. These critical comments just remind me that if a person tries to do something positive with an uplifting rather than complaining attitude, they will be criticized. Keep up the good work, Dominique! We need your smiling and joyful face and voice in our world 🙂

  4. I colored my hair since my 20’s, I’m 50 now. it grew in thick & wavy! Just a little grey. I also switched to a whole foods, plant based lifestyle, lost weight & now lift, run & my skin cleared up (no more cow pregnancy hormone from dairy) so I hardly wear make up.

  5. Just discovered your channel and how lucky am I? Great tips for “women of a certain age” who are trying to age well. I agree with your tips and learned a couple of things (don’t own a bomber jacket yet) that I didn’t already know…. and am looking forward to viewing some of your previous videos. Hope you keep producing them!

  6. What an amazing video! Hope to see more like this. I was wondering if you have a DIY face exfoliating method you could share? Thank you.

  7. Nr 11 shapewear…I think that’s a great one too…Thanks for who you are and what you do! Greetings from Belgium.Sandra

  8. My mother always said, posture is very important. Thank you for providing such an informative video on anti aging. P.s. I am 52 years old and definitely need to do all of this. Thanks again.

  9. Great advise! Thanks for sharing your hairstyle is just the one I have been looking for and all the other advise so uplifting thank you

  10. Your Are Lady w/So Much Wisdom!! Thank You For These Wonderful Tips. I’m Taking My Notes 👩🏽‍💻🍷

  11. Fabulous video which I’ve enjoyed a lot. You’re so beautiful and radiant, and no way are you 50!! Wow!

  12. Can you please let us know what color lipstick to wear that would make you look younger? I have fair skin. Thank you

  13. Great tips. I’m an esthéticien so a little advice: take care of your chest. Your face looks 38-40 but your chest gives away your real age. Use sunblock or bring the foundation down a little more. I would have PMed you but that isn’t an option so not intended to be ugly at all. I’m simply giving back just like you do for us.

  14. Secret to look younger: having good genes. This woman has an amazing face bone structure. Even when i was 17 my folds were deeper than hers bc bad bone structure. Ofc diet matter so much but in the end of the day dna still can mess up with ur planes. Btw not all ppl can lose weight and get younger. A lot of people end up older because they lose face fat. The older you are the more risk you will have to it happen.

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