Skincare Hacks Everyone Should Know #1 | Kaushal Beauty Ad

Skincare Hacks Everyone Should Know #1 | Kaushal Beauty Ad
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1. DRINK enough water! TIP – drink in a larger cup/mug! Make it fun by making fruit water or vegetable water!

2. VITAMINS! Juicing or smoothies! What are you favourite recipes?

3. CLEAN your makeup brushes! Lots of dirt and bacteria can build up on your brushes & we don’t want to be putting that onto our face!
👉🏽 How I clean my makeup brushes:

4. FACIAL OIL. You guys know just how much I love facial oils! My current favourite which has had so much love on my channel already 🙂 The Body Shop Oils Of Life £28 –

5. REMOVE your makeup up at night! Lots of skincare experts have said it can cause premature ageing & we don’t want that. Set just a few minutes aside in your evening to remove your makeup!
👉🏽 How I remove my makeup:

6. CHANGE your bed sheets! Get rid of any bacteria that may be living in them!

Do you have any SKINCARE HACKS? Make sure you share them with everyone else in the comments below 💜

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  2. Oh my god I’m so bad at drinking water I can go a whole day with out
    drinking a sip 😂😂 it’s so bad

  3. Hi kaushal.. I like ur videos n the tips that u gv r really helpful.. Thank
    just need a suggestion…
    now a days many people are going for glutathione skin whitening treatment.
    is it safe?

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