Skin Lightening | How To Get Rid Of Sun Tan & Age Spots | SuperPrincessjo

Skin Lightening | How To Get Rid Of Sun Tan & Age Spots | SuperPrincessjo
Hey Guys This video is about Skin Lightening of dark patches & How To Get Rid Of Age Spots from hands,face,neck & remove Sun Tan ,uneven skin tone treatment & achieve younger looking hands & face using Rice.
Rice is great for skin and hair.
Rice Powder is Asia’s best kept beauty secret its is used for beauty treatments & has many benefits.
Rice contains a high concentration of PABA. PABA (para aminobenzoic acid) is a very good sunscreen. When taken internally, PABA also raises the Vitamin C levels in our bodies.
Rice also contains two other sun protecting agents ÔÇô ferulic acid and allantoin.Washing your face in rice water & rice paste can give you fairer and more crystal clear, spotless translucent skin. This mask is great for acne spot treatments & regular use of this will give you porcelain like clear skin . Rice is also very brightening & polishing it adds natural shine to the skin & makes it younger looking.
Do this skin lightening -age spot treatment consistently at least once a week and you should see your skin lighten after a month. If you feel comfortable, you can also use it a few times a week. Depending on how your skin adjusts to this rice mask. This will make your summer months much happier because you don’t have to worry about getting sun burned, skin discoloration & sun tan.
use this home remedy to lighten elbow, knee,neck & other parts of body . This is effective home remedy for dark skin patches & spots. Rice polishes the skin & makes it super soft & hydrates the skin naturally.

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  1. Hi darling please could you help , I didn’t understand very well , do you
    mean Boiled rice and milled it in a blender? Right ?? Because I really need
    to use this now because I traveled last week and I forgot to apply my
    suncream and now I look like a shit, and can I use it for all my body or
    only hand ?? Please answer me´╗┐

  2. does it last or it is temporary like if i use then? will it be like nxt
    mrng same skin colur which it was before?´╗┐

  3. after getting ready with my make up my skin was turning in to oily so
    please say how to prevent this´╗┐

  4. I wanna say u something Jo…I tried this mask …nd the result is so so so
    amazing..thnkuuuuuu sooooooooooooo skin becomes so smooth like a
    baby’s skin..luv u .nd thnxx alot´╗┐

  5. omg!!! never thought of mask with rice!!! super video Jo!! will definitely
    try it´╗┐

  6. This video is useless…beacause your skin colour is already very
    white…make this video a black girl if she colour are start whieting then
    i beleive..ya this video is workinhg…ok´╗┐

  7. It worked on me thank you. But as we can not use rice on our feet can you
    please tell how to lighten feet. As I am too much worried about my dark
    feet. ­čś×´╗┐

  8. i did this, and my mom was like “honey, why are you cooking rice @ 10 pm?”.
    other than that, it really works, loved it.´╗┐

  9. Do you think the lemon will be too harsh on a sensitive skin (I’m thinking

  10. Do you think the lemon will be too harsh on a sensitive skin (I’m thinking

  11. hi.i jiust love ur suggested worked on me.but u didnt mention the
    frequncy of mnay times can i use it??pls answer´╗┐

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