Should Men Use Anti-Aging Creams | Do Anti Aging Creams Stop Wrinkles | Why Men Should Use

Should Men Use Anti-Aging Creams | Do Anti Aging Creams Stop Wrinkles | Why Men Should Use – Click here to read A Man’s Guide To Anti-Aging Creams | Do Facial Creams Fight Wrinkles & Signs Of Aging?

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For centuries, men have obsessed over youthful skin.

In Greek mythology – the gods achieved agelessness by eating ambrosia.

In the modern world – we have our own version of ambrosia… anti-aging creams.

Our skin is the first line of defense against the elements. Women are accustomed to creams that reduce the signs of aging and offer protection against further skin damage.

Should a man also use anti-aging creams?

What do you think?

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  1. *I have been using this product for the past 2 years, I have tried using
    other wrinkle creams nothing works as well for me,just try Ultra Organic
    Argan Oil Treatment . If you want to see a miracle, you can visit the argan
    life products’ website.*

  2. Great article. As we are on average living longer than our fathers, it
    makes sense to keep this part of our body toned. Regular exercise and good
    nutrition being other examples of building resilience into our lives.

  3. yo antonio cool video! On the topic of good skincare, do you have have any
    recommendations on a good skincare regimen for the everyday man?

  4. Great video! I think you mentioned great points. In addition to that, I
    think stress/satisfaction with life also affects the quality of the skin.

  5. +Real Men Real Style Antonio…I personally think that a man’s facial
    wrinkles, hair lines, grey hair makes them a bit more distinguished. Of
    course ,the hygiene being a linking factor to above.

  6. Yes, I already have a skin care regiment. Artistry Men is what I use on a
    daily basis. Environmental exposure will take its toll on your skin.
    Remember you only have on face.

  7. Love your site, Antonio. Guys, start using Neutrogena anti-aging cream
    (retinol plus spf15) for men when you turn 30. I started using it in my
    late 20s and just turned 50, and I can attest to the results. I still look
    35, which I’m super grateful for since I’m recently back in the dating
    pool. It can be had 20% off regularly at CVS. I really respect some of the
    high end brands, especially Menscience which I used for years. BUT, I
    always come back to Neutrogena. There’s just no need to blow $50 a month
    more unless you are rolling in it, and love the packaging. The results are
    no better.

  8. My gut reaction would be OF COURSE!!!
    Why should you have to look old if there is a way to get rid of all the
    shit of old age? The trouble is that alot of them just don’t work. >>

  9. Its very important to use aging cream. some products doesn’t work try the
    Virgin coconut oil.

  10. Great tips.Thanks..*Maxelder argan cream ( w-**-nyarganoil—c ) has helped
    make my face feel fresh and firm -not tight* The biggest difference I’ve
    noticed was when I put my makeup on my fine lines/ dark spots are gone. i
    just had a facial yesterday and was told to keep using this cream as it is
    excellent for the skin and this product is pure

  11. I’m sorry but a lot actors don’t give a crap about their complexions. They
    have worked themselves to “A” status. They have make-up artists to make
    them look great on film. Also, the last thing a guy needs is those glycolic
    peels. It makes their skin un-naturally smooth where it looks like they’ve
    undergone dermabrasion. A perfect example is this guy; it looks feminine:

  12. ..Hii everyone!!…
    …I was worried *maxelder argan cream* might have been a scam, or some
    kind of useless vitamin. Now, at age 33, I’ve noticed some wrinkles have
    started to creep in around my eyes and eyebrows. *I really wanted to reduce
    these so I ordered ( w…nyarganoil….c ) maxelder argan cream.* *I noticed
    an immediate change after 2 weeks. I need this in my life!*..

  13. I think companies like L’Occitane shoot themselves in the foot by marketing
    the majority of their products exclusively at women. They conduct surveys
    and test their products on women and advertise the products as women’s
    products. Now I know you might say that primarily women use these products
    so why not cater to that market and I’d agree, but I think the reason women
    are the main user of such products is because their advertising and
    marketing literally tells us that these products are not for men and so men
    won’t use them.

    P. S. You have such a nice family!

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