Real Person Allergy Testing & Skin Care *ASMR*

Real Person Allergy Testing & Skin Care *ASMR*

Ral Person Allergy Testing & Skin Care *ASMR*



  1. there should be an asmr clinic where you schedule a time slot and go in and
    get massages and other things like that until your fully relaxed and fall

  2. I’ve been watching videos to get me to relax and this came up on my feed
    today and I’m glad it did. I didn’t realize this was so popular. Now I also
    realize that I am not alone in this. Thank u

  3. The introduction is horrendously cringeworthy to the point of wishing to
    headbutt a wall to make it stop, however, when it does stop the content of
    the video itself is very good.

  4. Me: This is not how allergy tests are done. They’re trying to find an
    excuse to fit in as many weird noise making tools as possible
    Also me: Holy shit the tingles

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