Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel for Face – How to ACTUALLY use? | Bridal Skin Care Series by superWOWstyle

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel for Face – How to ACTUALLY use? | Bridal Skin Care Series by superWOWstyle
I keep talking about the Patanjai Aloe Vera Gel for Face and hair – today I will show you how to actually use it on your skin!

This is a part of my current bridal skin care routine. It helps in curing blackheads, open pores, pimples, stretch marks, scars, acne, and what not!!


Patanjali Review 1:
Patanjali Review 2:
Patanjali Review 3:

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  1. Prachi thnk u so much dear.. I juz tried wt u said in thiz video.. omg!!!!
    its amazing… thnk u thnk u thnk u so much

  2. what ideas do you have for kinky hair ?? and help hair to Grow ?? my oldest
    daughter hair seems to not be growing anymore..

  3. skin is oily.. after washing with face wash do I need to apply any
    toner n then aloevera gel or I can directly use it.
    as everyone says cleansing toneing is must??

  4. When i put aloe vera gel on my face, it makes me puffy, red, and gives me
    pimples. Am i doing something wrong??

  5. hi after applying that facewash Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel do we have to wash
    our face ? if so, by using which kind of water hot or cold? plz reply

  6. prachi di please suggest me a good product for fairness as i m having oily
    skin n somewat spots.

  7. > Hi Prachi

    > I am Ashleen from Bareilly, UP. I recently saw ur vedio in the
    suggestions and just clicked to see what it was as i was going through
    really bad hair fall and I just wanted some beauty tips and of course I
    loved ur therapy so much after trying it.
    > So after few weeks I saw ‘almost’ (bcuz there were so many of them) all
    of ur vedios – to counseling, personal care, ur everyday life and all the
    episode vedios. I didn’t remember u until u said u were on Roadies. But
    somehow I knew u look familiar. I just wanna say I love it vedios and I are
    the best.
    > And I just wanted to ask u that I just started my fashion blog 1 month
    ago…and it’s really hard to be posting constantly..I don’t knw how u do
    it. So can i give me some tips If i should start a YouTube channel for the
    same or should I wait for a year or so until I post more stuff. And do tell
    how to get more followers and could u help me get noticed by mentioning in
    ur vedio.
    > My website is –
    > Facebook page – > Instagram –
    > Thanks.
    > Lots of love.. ❤💋

  8. Hi prachi…i know u r busy right now(for few weeks) but pls help me
    dear…im 18 and my skin is breakng out very badly…and i am trying out so
    many products but nothing has helped..!! i have very oily skin and plz
    recommend me a good moisturiser..

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