New Softlan Anti-Wrinkles unveiled (Mand. TVC – 20s)

New Softlan Anti-Wrinkles unveiled (Mand. TVC – 20s)
No.1* selling fabric softener in Malaysia, has reintroduced its Softlan range as Softlan Anti-Wrinkles.The New Softlan Anti-Wrinkles is designed with a new breakthrough technology to make ironing less of a chore by reducing 45% of wrinkles on your clothes after wash. Its new formula also retains long lasting fragrance and will consistently deliver beautifully soft, fresh clothes after each wash.

*No.1 Softener as per Nielsen database 2015
45% lesser wrinkles – Based on research done by National Polytechnic Institute Mexico 2014, Fabric Softener vs Detergent


  1. Sounds like you need an external use product, I use Argan Rain pure argan
    oil!! Really fantastic stuff, you dab a little on at night and in the
    morning and the results are incredible. I’m 36 and love it, it helps with
    wrinkles and dark circles around the eye. I also use contacts and it doesnt
    effect that at all.

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