My Skincare Routine 2016

My Skincare Routine 2016
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Products Mentioned:
Garnier Micellar Cleansing water
Sulfur 5% Sodium sulfacetamide 10% cleanser
murad skin smoothing polish
biore free your pores deep cleansing pore strips
fresh rose face mask
eye strips ( Not from CVS sorry, searching for the name)
fortified moisturizer
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  1. Have to say, it is pronounced garnyay (garnier). No offense, and no
    criticism, just made me laugh my ass off, so hard that i in fact, that I
    woke my husband out of a deep sleep.

  2. I’m a bit confused. She does all of her skin care…then takes a shower???
    Doesn’t that wipe all the product off?

  3. I use that cleanser too! I was prescribed it for dry patches and I swear it
    took care of every stubborn patch overnight! It’s crazy how gentle the
    cleanser it is yet it’s heavy duty somehow!

  4. Hola podrias poner en tus vídeos traducción a español en letras 😞😞😞😞
    amo tus videos saludos desde chile🇨🇱

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