My Skin Care Routine | Skin Care Guide for Men

My Skin Care Routine | Skin Care Guide for Men
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  1. Forreo also makes a smaller more affordable version called the Luna play
    for $40. Do u recommend it?

  2. brother . I got a nail mark on my face(roughly 8 months ago ) . I mean its
    quite light by now but still anything if u can suggest for that ?..

  3. It is a HUGE turn on for men to take really good care of their skin!! It’s
    so much better than the alternative, which is to have poorer- or
    older-looking skin. This is probably why I see more wrinkled men than women
    or who just have worse skin than women in general. 🙁 I hope you inspire
    as many men as possible to take great care of their skin and have pride in
    maintaining its youth and vitality! Except, you have to wear sun screen
    even if you are dark-skinned! It’s not just to prevent sunburn, it’s to
    also prevent DNA damage and loss of elasticity and of course cancer.

  4. thank God for youtube channels making this guy money based on how many
    views he gets for useless info that even grandma knows.

  5. Hi m8 and thanks for you videos!

    I’d have Two main questions:
    – Do you use the foreo every day? If you do so.. doesn’t that cause too
    much stress to your skin?
    – How would your routine change if you’d shave your face completely and
    every morning? Would you eventually use other products? Like any kind of
    after shave cream?

    Thanx from Italy

  6. There are so many different skin care products that you recommend do they
    all do the same? I’m looking into the Tiege Hanley brand that you
    recommended in another one of your videos does the Tiege Hanley do the same
    job as the Scotch Porter?

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