My Skin Care Routine | Shani Grimmond

My Skin Care Routine | Shani Grimmond
Hey my darlings! Finally, my skin care routine is finally here. It’s taken me a while to upload this video as I had to make sure I was 100000% happy with every single product and step. Enjoy x

Link for purchase –

70% off code: “shanispin”

The pill I am an is Diane, it’s specifically for hormonal breakouts. I started seeing a difference with my skin after 3 months of being on this pill. My skin got worse before it got better! The generic brand is estelle and a few others x

Dermalogica Precleanse –
Jojoba Bead Facial Cleanser –
Origins Never A Dull Moment Scrub –
Epoch Glaical Marine Mud Mask –
Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum – Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum
Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisturiser –
Benefit Its Potent Eye Cream –
Chapstick Night Repair –
Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Mist –

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Camera I used to film this video: Canon EOS 70D

Editing Program: Final Cut Pro X


  1. Do the products that you use keep away the pimples??! In need I get a
    couple pimples here and there I’m just wondering! Thank you!!

  2. In love with ZWEENA BODY CARE you have to try it. It’s organic no chemicals
    and it’s smells divine

  3. You said it takes five minutes, but the video is six and a half minutes
    long and the mask takes “about ten minutes to dry” in your words. No
    disrespect but some people don’t have time :/

  4. only just discovered your videos and you are the best!!!!!! honestly you
    have inspired me to do so many new things and use new products and we also
    use so many of the same products! best beauty/lifestyle blogger i’ve ever
    come across, please keep it up you’re very lovely and candid and nice to

  5. I used to have a spiny brush thing from Justice, and it had a brush too
    cleanse and a brush to put on your foundation

  6. the epoch mask is from nu skin thats the brand that makes it my mum and
    aunite sell it and i also use it and i think it is amazing it get rids of
    stings stretch marks acne blackheads u name it nu skin has got a site they
    do make up everything its amazing i do recommend this mask i always use it
    ur face goes red after u wash it off and thats normal because it has
    unblocked pores and everything so it is totally normal if u want to contact
    my mum or auntie for the mask send me a message it is around £20 a bottle
    and u get loads of masks out of it u do purchase it from nu skin i hope i
    have helped people to find x if u want to know how to order o my mum reply
    to my comment x

  7. Omg it makes me jealous seeing how gorgeous your hair is! I have a pixie
    cut right now and this made me really want to grow it out

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