In this video i share my morning daily skincare routine for my face, hands and body. it is different to my evening routine which i will share as soon as i’m finished with my treatment and figure what products are actually working

Have a look at the Femfresh website for more info on their products:
Femfresh Daily intimate wash –
Femfresh freshening and soothing cloths –

Arm & Hammer Whitening Toothpaste
Dermaquest Dermaclear Cleanser
The Dermaquest Glyco Cleanser mentioned in the video i’m actually meant to use only at night
Femfresh Daily intimate wash –
Obagi L-Absorbic Acid 10% Vitamin C Serum
Body Shop Body Butter
Nivea Hand Age Defying Cream

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  1. Vitamin C darkens ppl of color. I would recommend using it at night or when
    u least make contact with sun.

  2. I’m amazed! Your skin has IMPROVED soooo muchhhh! I’m soo happy for you! It
    gives me hope for me!! 👰

  3. Dudu Osun broke me out 😭 I tried it 3 different times 2 months apart to
    see it it was really making me break out and it was

  4. “And I make sure that I set my entire face so my face STAYS PUT all day”
    The struggle is real ladies. Is amazing what we do to look good with makeup
    BUT in the most “natural” way possible.
    Good video. I like the fact that you explained your skincare routine for
    your body and your face at the same time.

  5. Watching your videos just make me happy. I don’t know why! Maybe it’s your
    voice! Lol, its so soft and soothing. Love your channel!!

  6. Pls do a update skincare routine to share the treatment and products you
    have been using!

  7. Wait a minute, You wash your face with the same gloves you wash the rest of
    your body with?

  8. omg your skin loooks so great, I’ve been watching you for ages and its
    totally transformed! you look amazing x

  9. Your skin has improved dramatically! I am happy you found products that
    work for you because I have the same issues with my skin.

  10. thank you for this video! your skin is looking great. I’m so going to try
    these products xxx

  11. You look great! Your skin looks fantastic. You could have thrown on some
    bare minerals foundatiin6, jeans, and a t-shirt lol.

  12. Love your videos but…I really hope you don’t use the same gloves for your
    body and face..that’s unsanitary

  13. you look totally different from when all ur the makeup you put on from when
    ur face doesnt have anything on like 2 different ppl you wouldn’t want to
    try less makeup so you can least look a little the same i like make up
    myself its kinda off when you dont look recognizable looking a 2 pics i
    would definitely think 2 ppl for sure

  14. as soon you wake up you check your phone?! you should at least pray and
    thank God you’ve seen a new day. don’t you think?

  15. love the video, lets be honest people who have to go to work can not do
    what you do in the morning with all these products I would never get out
    the door to work, I shower exfoliate in the shower, moisturising all over
    then makeup on dressed and out the door
    I think the majority of people don’t have the luxury of having the time in
    the morning to use all those products lets be practical. ……..

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