SO MANY OF YOU have been asking me to do an updated skincare routine so here it is 🙂 Thumbs up if you like! Comment for more requests! love you

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Products in my video!

tatcha cleansing oil
benefit foamingly clean face wash
karina & katrina tone it up sea algae face mask
beauty parfait yogurt mask
Thayer’s rose petal witch hazel toner
pür dirty girl face mask
benefit instant comeback serum
tatcha brightening serum
prosacea gel for acne
tatcha deep hydration eye serum
benefit total moisture
pur ZZ cream

What’s in your daily/night routine? any cool tricks or hacks? comment below so I can steal them hehe 😉

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  1. hheeeeyyyy Andrea i just want you to know coconut oil works amazing for
    make up remover. it gets EVERYTHING off without a problem

  2. Giiiiirl…. have you tried using pure coconut oil to take off your makeup?
    It gets EVERYTHING off and simultaneously conditions your eyelashes and
    brows! Plus it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Tatcha’s stuff. 😉 Definitely
    give it a shot if you haven’t already! I keep some in a mason jar next to
    my sink at all times. I also have sensitive skin and it never irritates it
    since it’s 100% natural and organic.

  3. I’m jealous you are SO pretty!! Does the acne treatment that you use get
    rid of acne?

  4. Hey so I was wondering….did you do your nails? And if so, what is the
    color and brand?

  5. its hot hear, the whether is humid too, & my skin is oily! & Dry 😀 There
    is no hope :((( lol help

  6. What does it mean to tone and exfoliate, like what does it help with? Also
    what does the serum help with? Also what moisture do you recommend?

  7. My grandmother has been using the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm
    mixed with a teaspoon of jojoba and coconut oil for about pfft. Since she
    Was about 15 and she doesn’t look a day over 40, (she’s 80)

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