MY EVENING: Dinner, Skincare, Relax.

MY EVENING: Dinner, Skincare, Relax.
Hello marzipans! I’ve been requested to film this video for so long, so today I’m fast forwarding to get you to my evening time. Here is what I’m up to when the sun goes down. 😛

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  1. There is no need to replace your baking soda or baking powder every month; that recommendation applies to baking soda you are using to absorb odors. The shelf life for baking soda is about three years.

  2. ive watched this video so many times i remember every single word that comes up next XD

  3. 2:26 I have one of those just the top part tho..Mine is an orange hamster..from Himouto Umaru-chan~~

  4. I feel ever more poor and lonely after watching this. But I love your videos, they’re very sweet

  5. I thought I invented the “how to find your socks again” method :))) I collect lonely socks in one bag, till one day they reunite in that bag. :’D

  6. Love you Marzia! I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me the song she used in this video? It’s so comforting and I just wanna listen to it when I do homework.


  7. I love how you put alot of effort to your videos. You always make sure your viewers get only the best. From camera angles to editing. 💙

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