My Daily Skincare Routine | Kylie Jenner

My Daily Skincare Routine | Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner gives us a tutorial and product list of her easy daily skincare routine!


  1. she’s in love with
    her new face and new body she can’t stop looking at her self 🙄

  2. omg its so frustrating like there are so many ppl saying that they do nothing they just have a pretty face BUT LIKE WTF?? thats called being a model!! And they do work their big butts of to make a living like look what they have accompliched?? is being pretty a crime? How would you feel if you got up to the top finally and ppl will talk shit bout u saying she or he got there bc they r pretty tskkkk

  3. I wish the world was opposite and ugly potatoes like me would get paid for being ugly like they are being paid for being prettu

  4. Aint no way that boogie snow flake is using ponds for 2 bucks from walmart . Its just paid AD . Right after she snapchated it and got that fat check she tossed it in the trash can guarantee.

  5. it seems like such an empty life obsessing about your looks. looks fade and then what are you left with. these kardashians should do something productive and volunteer or help the homeless and disadvantaged. do something!!!

  6. Honestly they are beautiful but geez please stop looking at yourselves. It seems like they hardly have time for a relationship by they are so obsessed with themselves. They literally all of them stalk themselves and then talk about how hard they work when everyone does everything for them. Don’t know if I’m jealous or disgusted with this planet but we keep watching

  7. Kylie Jenner is best and one of the most beautiful women in the world
    And I have never seen just like

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