More Coverage Makeup Foundation,Concealer/Circles, Spots/Mature over 50

More Coverage Makeup Foundation,Concealer/Circles, Spots/Mature over 50
Heather gets real in this video and shows her own flaws with tips to hide them. Circles under the eyes, dark, brown, age spots, blemishes, bags are covered in this video. As a former 80’s model (and still modelling now) Heather shares techniques & applications she’s learned from makeup artists & also from perfecting makeup on her mature, aging, over 50 skin. Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s or over 50 like Heather there are great helpful hints & hacks in this vlog for coverage with concealer & foundation to hide imperfections. Blush, contouring & highlighting tips are also featured in this how to beauty video. So if you need a full coverage face make-up for work, a party, date, special event, business meeting or just to have more confidence these concealers & liquid foundation techniques will help & thanks so much for subscribing and watching!


  1. Use Compound W gel on that monster freckle by your eye. It will eventually peel off.
    That gel burns a bit until it dries to a white patch. The burning is like a micro-mini chemical peel. Once it’s totally dry and white, you can peel it off. The spot underneath will crust up a tiny bit, and after a few days, peels off. Spot gone.

  2. I think what she means is this: waiting for the sponsorships for mentioning the brands based on click-bait numbers. It’s standard business practice if you’re already known – she was an 80s model so I don’t blame her if that’s the case, everyone is doing it…

  3. I am a new subscriber ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a age spot on my hand and you answered my question about how to camo it ๐Ÿ™‚ . also I have a ton of freckles as well and I love the way you camo that too. great video for anyone who is our age . great video

  4. Great video! I need all the help I can get! Aging has suddenly gone into overdrive, not loving the new me.

  5. I also have the dark spots. Iโ€™ve been told itโ€™s from my sunbathing years in my early years. Growing up in the desert in the 70โ€™s no one told me to protect my face. I have a fair to medium complexion and would put baby oil on my whole body. I also have had4 kids so I have to mask up my cheeks and some rosacea. The wrinkle have attacked my face and I have to full eye lid thickness. What I need is a facial rejuvenation always with the rest of my body. I used Merle Norman as a teenager and it gave me full coverage. Then switched to the Sheer Coverage when it came out. Now at 54 Iโ€™ve changed back to the crimes. Iโ€™ve used MN again, iT coverage and Bare minerals liquid coverage. I tried Clinique and that was a bust. I probably need to go to a high end cosmetic counter and get help. I used Mac but I feel Iโ€™ve aged out of it. So as you see I need help!

  6. Hello, please keep making the videos I love them! Iโ€™m 63 and you make me feel so much better about myself. I have really changed my makeup thanks to you and even getting compliments now! Thanks so much, Rena

  7. What a great video! I really like how you explain the process of covering the dark spots, and how to make up them. You are so sweet, Heather! Thank you for making this film so fun while learning!

  8. I come here only to see what kind of products you are using. You wasted my time and you lost a subscriber. Whoever advised you, didn’t want you to succeed.

  9. I appreciate and love your videos but I’ll be really happy when you can disclose what products you’re wearing. Thanks!

  10. I love you and your videos. You are so REAL!! Thank you. I just turned 70 and I have the brown spots too.

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