Look 10 Years Younger Using Vaseline And Egg White! Asian Anti Aging Secrets

Look 10 Years Younger Using Vaseline And Egg White! Asian Anti Aging Secrets
Look 10 Years Younger Using Vaseline And Egg White! Asian Anti Aging Secrets.
Vaseline probably isn’t the first thing you think of when considering makeup-bag essentials. It’s one of those unsexy products that none of us remember buying, yet we all have a jar of it lying around somewhere. While it may not be the first (or last) thing you reach for in your daily routine, it’s arguably one of beauty’s most overachieving multi-taskers.
From taming brows to smoothing dry ends, Vaseline can be used to fix virtually any beauty problem. Below are just 25 ways to incorporate this versatile item into your regimen.
Vaseline as Anti-Ageing Face Mask
Treat your skin with this simple homemade anti-ageing face mask.Melt 2 spoons of vaseline in a microwave bowl, mix 1 egg
white and 1 tbsp of honey to the melted vaseline and apply on your face and neck.Leave for about 20 minutes and then
rinse with cold water.This deep moisturizing mask, softens your skin and the moisturizing elements in this mask smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

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