How to get clearer complexion for your skin

How to get clearer complexion for your skin
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lasers, fillers, and acne scar treatment procedures

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Age spots and dots can be due to different skin conditions including age warts – called dermatosis papulosis nigra or DPN, sun spots, freckles, actinic keratosis and in rare cases skin cancers. Most cases are harmless, however if in doubt, a dermatologist can give you the best advice as to how to remove pigmentation.

Some forms of pigmentation such as melasma or hormonal pigmentation need special creams and low powered lasers, whilst freckles can be removed with simple IPL or BBL.

If a spot is raised, I like using a combination of ablative lasers including CO2 lasers, and erbium lasers with a curette. IPL will not be effective for raised skin pigmentation. TCA peels can be effective, however lasers are more accurate.

Fraxel fractional laser resurfacing can be useful, however I only use this as a general skin rejuvenation procedure, or for treating solar keratosis, or actinic keratosis. Low level Fraxel known as Clear and Brilliant can also improve some forms of pigmentation. Fraxel can be used to treat spots and dots on the face, neck, chest, and arms. I often use this in conjunction with IPL a procedure I call Pusle Fraxel Fractional Laser Resurfacing.

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Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist, Brisbane. Australia.


  1. This is very interesting to me because my partner has some (very early 20’s), but his dad has a ton. I’ve always wondered what they were. I always thought they were adorable freckles, but more seen on darker skinned people.

  2. I think an Artificial Intelligent laser can learn the surgeons technique in the future just like how AI cars in learning how human are driving a car.

    When that happens, it’s technically possible to have multiple lasers pointing at your face and u get the zapping done in seconds.

    This AI laser system can have a high speed camera with high resolution installed so it can pinpoint the spots much accurately than manual laser can.

  3. What is an effective “skin bleaching” method for someone with medium skin?  I have lots of white spots and scars all over my face, I’ve had multiple laser treatments, not much change.  But the contrast between medium tan skin and lots of white lines and spots are obvious.  Want to bleach all the skin to match the white skin (similar to vitiligo).  But my derm only Rx 2% hydrocodone, but I’m thinking there must be something more aggressive.  Any suggestions?

  4. So much good information. Thank you! My daughter, age 31, is getting what she called a broadband laser series of treatments before work, no down time, on her sun damaged skin. I do not hear you talk about this type. Do you recommend this for me a 58 year old female with fair amount of sun damage on Celtic skin?

  5. The number of spots Morgan Freeman has is nothing compared to what I have, ugh.. please help

  6. I wanna ask you a question. In Taiwan,customers usually don’t want have any. bleeding or scars,crusts on their face. and do you have any suggestions for these aging spots?

  7. Love your videos. Thank you for explaining procedures for darker skin individuals like me.

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