How to do an anti-ageing face massage in 4 minutes with top facialist Abigail James

How to do an anti-ageing face massage in 4 minutes with top facialist Abigail James
Leading celebrity facialist Abigail James brings you an anti-ageing face massage to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The aim of the massage is to lift the face in just four minutes. “It’s not just skin care, it’s self-care”. READ MORE:

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  1. Hi..loved ur videos!..thanks…just a small.query like what is d correct age to start dese face lifting massages…presently m 26 ..thanks!

  2. Hello…I have seen ur video it seems good. Which oil I can use ?My skin is very sensitive that is why I am asking. And at what time I can do? At night? Or at day time? And how many times I should perform it?

  3. Fabulous Abigail. love the video and you look adorable. Your skin shows your inner and outer beauty from doing these exercises. love this!  am starting tonite thank you gratitude. I will hunt thru your videos for anything to help with under eye lines… I am 54 and my skin is really great too as you say ‘self care’ goes a long way.

  4. I love your videos Abigail. Could you do one for neck and chin. Thanks. Aloha from Honolulu. 🌴🌸

  5. I fear that all the rubbing and pushing might cause or aggravate the skin sagging in future or in older people. Because I’ve always heard that skin you don’t rub. Just tap gently with fingertips. What do you think?

  6. Try using extra virgin coconut oil. It works well! I do what shes doing using evco and my wrinkles are lesser

  7. hi, kindly tell which oil is better for mature skin massage. Extra virgin olive oil or organic coconut oil? thanks

  8. Hi great I’ll try hope that will help me because am tired of my ugly face full of wrinkless 😟 thank you.. you’ve a great face how old are you ?

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