How I removed my liver spot

How I removed my liver spot
I have found a tried and true way to remove liver spots. Watch the video for my experiment that actually worked!!!!

Compound W:

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  1. Hey – checking in! How is it now? I have one on my face that I want GONE. I wanted to see how it was going?

  2. It seems you did it for to long; perhaps try less time than what made it to, next time. suggest doing it for less time, next time. Warts typically root into the dermis/skin with some on surface & above. Getting the root will stop it from reappearing after treatment. Age spots are superficial/ only on the top of the skin, so I would assume far less time would be needed….on another note I started getting age spots on my hands and had this random epiphany to try wart remover; hey it removes warts way not age spot? You Tubed it, as I was sure there had to be some pioneers who have tried this and vola! I found your video! Thank you so much for your bravery and this video; it was very helpful 🙂

  3. Holy Moly…I guess I missed this!!!! I watched this with my mouth on the floor! Dare I? Am I that brave? My derm did tell me she could “chemically eradicate it…use laser…” so Hmmm The only thing that worries me is there is a blood vessel right under this thing and I wonder if that will hurt me to do that. Holy Guacamole girl ShyGuy was watching it with me and he didn’t think it was going to work LOL I’m like read the title dummy and why would she tell me to watch it if it didn’t work LOL xoxox Mary

  4. Wow!!!! That is so cool!!! Definitely wouldn’t try it on the face, but for your arm that was amazing!! I subscribed, and I look so forward to watching more of your videos! XOpenn 💙

  5. OMG ! I want to try that. I have an age spot right under my eye that I have to put concealer and foundation to cover, but heck gal, I am afraid to have a burn on my face from the Compound W. Other than that, I would try it . Thanks for your bravery and glad it worked !

  6. I love that you just get to the point. So many times if I want to watch a video it takes forever to get to them actually delivering the message. LOL. I did this with the liquid Compound W. Even on my face and it works great

  7. Here is one for you to try– Liquid zinc from vitamin shoppe would target the bad skin only. If you are a dark complexion, don’t freeze your skin it will blemish.

  8. cool, i like how you showed the progress in one video! amazing results. how do u protect the skin though from the sun– i.e. what type of of sun screen or sunblock is used?

  9. Are you kidding me?!!! Who would’ve thought?! That is simply incredible! I wonder what else it could work for? 😉 I want to find something for these dang broken spider veins on my legs! 😄

  10. Just a follow up. I did this and it worked and posted a video of it. I used the fast acting gel. I also posted a link to your video so others can see how it worked for you. Thank you so much for this info xo

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