Glowing Dewy Skin | Sensitive Skincare Routine!

Glowing Dewy Skin | Sensitive Skincare Routine!
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  1. Does she cover her freckles when she does her makeup? If so I think they’re
    beautiful, I wish I had freckles

  2. Wtf that vanity planet brush was a rip off i thought it was gonna feel nice
    soft sensitive and clean but NO It felt like if the brush was so cheap and
    it pulled my hair when i ceaned my forehead

  3. if i was that pretty i would just skip makeup and hair and just put on
    clothes u look stunning in everything omg

  4. I’ve figured it out. I always thought you looked like Kylie Jenner a little
    bit and then realized that you’re a mix between Kylie and Melanie

  5. So I just bought the glam glow moisturizer and idk if I should use it as a
    daily moisturizer or nah? Plz help I don’t want to break out..

  6. Just saying: Using any of these “brushes” are NOT sensitive. It’s really
    unnecessary when you can just use your hands and not irritate your skin.♡

  7. I ordered the vanity fair brush in hopes that it wasn’t going to be as
    abrasive. No dice. VP’s is still too harsh for my skin. =(

  8. u should use gm collins powder exfoliant. i use it and i have rly sensitive
    skin and it’s super gentle

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