Get Rid of Acne Scars, Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation | My NEW Daily Face Care Routine

Get Rid of Acne Scars, Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation | My NEW Daily Face Care Routine
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Face Wash:

Other Items:
Isopropyl Alcohol:
Cotton Wipes:


Body Wash:

As Astringent:
All natural lemon juice

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  1. So I bought the skin brush thing because of this video! I have been looking
    for someone who ACTUALLY cleared their skin without a dermatologist so
    thanks for sharing your remedies😘😘

  2. Love this video thanks for the tips, I definitely need to implement them
    into my skincare regimen, I’ve been battling acne for years and I still am
    smh, my skin is literally so stubborn!!

  3. On my face I use pure African black soap morning and night, witch hazel or
    organic apple cider vinegar for toning and for moisturize I use vitamin E
    oil or like you a little pure Shea Butter = Clear skin for me. Every two
    weeks I’ll do a bentonite clay mask

  4. Hey great video and skin!! I wanted to know of you do under your chin?
    that’s my problem area…

  5. DAMN!! I had to pause the video after watching your intro and then how
    BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE SIS! Definitely a new sub! Have a wonderful evening.

  6. I appreciate the wonderful tips for better looking skin! This was exactly
    what I needed…thanks!

  7. She is my spirt animal! Look into this white bar of soap in Walmart it
    comes in white & pink. it’s a laundry soap. Use the white one and use it to
    clean your make up brush. It’s WAAAYY cheaper than that dawn especially if
    you go to big lots or family dollar. There’s no color or sent so it’s not
    putting color/sent in your make up brush & it’s still taking all the dirt &
    oils out. The rest of this I love & already do daily thought I was the only
    ocd person! This is AWSOME!

  8. My problem isn’t really acne , I get a pimple here and there and a couple
    blackheads . Hyper pigmentation on the other hand is getting worse . My
    face is becoming darker and from my shoulders down is a nice even color .
    I’ve tried a mild facial peel that seemed to work but then my face starts
    to darken again . Any suggestions ?

  9. Wow, I am blown away about all thevdeyails you covered. Great video! I
    stumbled upon your channel and now I’m a subscriber. I look forward to more
    of your videos. I’ve struggled so much with my skin and seeing your skin
    transformation has encouraged me to try the products you mentioned. Looking
    forward to clear skin.

  10. I had to come back to find you and sub! I watched your video last week and
    I picked up a few tips from you and my face has done so much better. I
    stopped with the towels first off. I didn’t think about the bacteria part
    of it 😨. I also use to load up with face Lotion which was probably way to
    much. I started to just use dab and use coconut oil instead of Shea Butter.
    The Shea Butter I have I use in my daughter and I hair. It just felt wrong
    in my spirit lol. Anywho thank you for your tips! They have helped me a lot
    this past week 😁😉.

  11. Great video! I’ve tried everything under the sun to help with this acne and
    dark spots! I’m definitely going to try your tips before heading to the
    dermatologist. Tfs ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I love the video I have ingrown hairs on my jaw line I wanted to ask if I
    should pluck then try your tips or should I just follow the tips and not
    pluck the hairs please suggest a tip….thanks

  13. Thanks for sharing this demo and the link. I just purchased this product
    with the huge discount!!!

  14. hey would you please consider selling your stretch mark creams I would
    literally buy all three . hope you see this comment! thank you

  15. miss beautiful, I am absolutely with you, on the Purity face wash. it’s a
    great faces wash. also the paper towel for drying! i almost had to chuckle,
    I thought I was the only one who did that! lol. greats tips, keep up the
    good advice! have a good one, Patti Jo.

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