Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – AFK Leveling Spots (Negalmuur & Slimes)


[ne_semantic_video video_id=”vTlaLH2nCHs” title=”Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – AFK Leveling Spots (Negalmuur & Slimes)” upload_time=”2017-07-14T02:07:24.000Z” description=”Enjoy! Gambits: We are now sponsored by Steelseries! Check”]
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – AFK Leveling Spots (Negalmuur & Slimes)


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This video contains my own editing and commentary and is for educational purposes.


  1. For your PL add Foe:Farthest – Steal on the Slimes. That negates the “pushed into the corner of the room and nothing respawns” issue, and it means you get to run over and you get some decent gil for when you return too.

  2. ok I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I end up killing all the slimes and I set up the gambits the way you had.

  3. Hey look, its another youtuber taking advantage of a rerelease making another pointless guide that there a bunch already out on. Also the abysteel spot is far greater spot then this. These spots are only good for 30-40. 50+ is best with abysteels. Took me a few hours to go from 60 to 99.

  4. Grinding isn’t even needed, it’s easier to just push through the game and then go into Strong Mode where everyone starts at level 90.

  5. Cool Vid. I don’t think this ruins the game at because for me, as a rpg player, I always over level my guys anyway. It just makes the grind a lot easier.

  6. One more thing.. if you unequip your party leader and have him attack empty handed he does 0 damage. This helps with the issue of him getting backed into a corner because he is always moving around. Actually, and I literally just did this as I’m typing.. Have the party leader attack the furthest FOE. he moves constantly avoiding getting whacked into a corner.

  7. For those of you using the second method who just don’t like the somewhat inconsistent charge skill and are going to level up more than just three characters, I recommend equipping your Time Battlemage with a Turtleshell Choker, which lets you cast magic by expending gil rather than MP. Then, equip any party members not currently getting any EXP with Cat-ear Hoods, which turns LP into gil.

    Break normally costs 14 MP, which comes out to 896 gil per cast. You’ll be fully reimbursed per cast/kill as long as the sum of all the characters’ levels who you have equipped with Cat-ear Hoods is at least 180. The “Channeling” augment licenses will help reduce this price quite a bit: Time Battlemage has two such licenses that are easily accessible, and having both will cut down the MP cost of break to 11 MP, or 704 gil, which can be covered by characters wearing Cat-ear Hoods whose combined levels equal at least 141.

    Since the Time Battlemage will have to be on the field for the entirety of the grinding, normal-rate EXP due to the lack of an equipped Embroidered Tippet should be perfectly fine to get them to max level. Hope that this helps in some way.

  8. I really only do this to finish the license boards. In my opinion it isn’t cheating because it’s still putting forth some effort and work to get what you want out of it.

  9. Nice vid, well explained. I’ll do this for the last few levels which are a pain ( at least in the original) to achieve.

  10. I FUCKING HAAAAAAATE when people don’t write the Fucking instructions or prerequisites in the video info. How the fuck do you want us to keep going back and forth while rewinding/replaying the fucking video AND trying to do it in-game. FUCK!

  11. I’m playing in IZJS version but I don’t have a time mage, so I dont have haste. I can get the chain going for quite a long time, but every few hours or so, doom is cast on the party leader and the chain is broken. I have decoy caste on the other 2 characters. Any advice to fix the chain?

  12. wow thank you for this i just followed it step by step and it’s working, currently doing it right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. So I mistakenly have 2 Knights and now halfway through the game. I have 11 jobs assigned within the 6 characters. Will this prevent me from platinum trophy?

  14. The disadvantage to slimes being restricted to a time mage being in the party can be fixed with negalmuur. with a lvl 40-50 the ghosts do 0 dmg, and equipped with a ribbon there’s no threat of instant death, and out regens any dmg (allows you to kill it solo, for the last member who didn’t make it into the 2 slime groups (5 people)

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