Dr. Groff Discusses Age & Dark Raised Spots, Leg Veins, Scars

Dr. Groff Discusses Age & Dark Raised Spots, Leg Veins, Scars
Dr. William Groff, San Diego board certified dermatologist

In this segment, expert dermatologist Dr. Groff discusses the following cosmetic dermatology conditions:

1. AGE SPOTS: Often times people take very good care of their face protecting it with sun block but neglect their hands and arms. Dr. Groff can remove age and brown dark spots with a combination treatment with IPL and Alexandrite laser. With one treatment, you can get a dramatic improvement in the range from 70%-100% depending upon how severe the patient is to begin with.

2. VEIN THERAPY: Women seem to get more veins in their legs than men but many men suffer with leg veins. Dr. Groff uses the same techniques for men as he does for women. He treats leg veins by injecting medication into the veins which shrinks the vein down. Not only does this treatment improve the leg cosmetically but also can relieve discomfort associated with large veins. Just with one treatment there can be a huge improvement by 50%-90%.

3. SCARS: Many children get dog bites which can be very serious and can cause disfiguring scars. Dog bites are very common with children. Statistics show that half the children under the age of 12 will be bitten by a dog. Dr. Groff can help these children particularly when they get bitten in the head and neck area which can leave disfiguring scars. He can treat scars on children with a combination of lasers.

However and most importantly, Dr. Groff warns parents that it is better to take preventive measures to stop dog bites on children than to have to treat the scars caused by these bites. Dr. Groff suggests that there should always be adult supervision when children are around dogs because dogs are more likely not to bit children if there is adult supervision. Plus, children should not approach a dog when the dog is eating, sleeping or in the their crate.

4. DARK RAISED SPOTS: These types of dark raised spots are more common in people with darker skin. These type of raised spots on the skin are not harmful but cosmetically patient do not like them. Dr. Groff can easily treat this skin condition using a combination treatment with a Fraxual dual laser and a Hyfrecator.

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