DOES THIS WORK? | Remove BlackHeads with GLUE

DOES THIS WORK? | Remove BlackHeads with GLUE
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I think it definitely works. It even removes those very fine hair on your skin. I have been doing this lately and it made my nose so clean.
I use to use Biore nose strips but it couldn’t remove all. But his glue trick is really worth it.
Only downside is that you need to wait like 15-20 minuets for it to completely dry. But I think that’s fine coz you can be reading or eating or just doing whatever during that time.

*Make sure to warm ur nose with warm towel/cotton.
*Make sure no oil or makeup on.
*Apply a thick layer

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These are what worked for me, and are also what worked for many people according to some google researches.
If your skin has sever acne, very sensative skin, deep scaring etc. Then its better to visit a Skin Doctor.
Anything you do by seeing in the internet is all up on your risk.
I am just giving my honest tips.


  1. Does UHU glue do the job as well ? Because there isn’t Elmer’s glue in my

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