DIY Spa Facial at Home!

DIY Spa Facial at Home!
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This is my DIY version of a spa facial at home! This is a perfect way to treat yourself and your skin clean and clear on a cheaper budget. I love giving myself an at home spa day and using household products to create my own face mask.

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  1. Wish you would mention the products. The mask looked like Lush’s mask of
    magaminty but you said you were using a clear one

  2. Nice video! Ur really beautiful:)
    But please try to close ur mouth lol it annoys me when it keeps half open😯

  3. Be sure, you buy oliveoil in a glass container! Your oliveoil should be
    goldenyellow and not greenish☺ This was not meant to be hate, I just wanna
    say it!😄❤

  4. I have oily skin. Do you still recommend rubbing olive oil into the skin?
    That just makes me nervous….

  5. does anyone know what she uses to put the strawberries and bananas in ??
    and the thing she uses to grind them up ?

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