Basic Skincare Do’s and Dont’s

Basic Skincare Do’s and Dont’s
After HairCare, here is our SkinCare video! Check out some basic Do’s and Dont’s of SkinCare! Comment below for any questions.
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  1. hello!!!
    ladies plz do tell me what should b the skin regime for oily skin specially.
    i have so much black heads on my nose nd all over face
    plz plz plz tell me
    luv u both❤

  2. hii Akriti n Shaurya!! I hv a question… whenever I use scrub on my face I
    ended up with a pimple or two on my face the very next day. what to do ?

  3. it’s, really wonderful video but I want, to ask you one thing that how can
    I wightenn my skin tone and keep it always illuminating everyday. suggest
    me, something.

  4. hey shaurya skin type is combination ..n I use lakme products as
    sunscreen n moisturiser so I wn to knw .is it right or not ….

  5. hii
    osm video
    i want help
    my skin was so dry n so sensetive and lots of aces,blackheads, n whiteheads
    n now really i dnt no wt to do
    plz plz plz can u help me
    i m not using any makeup or anything but then also i have lots of aces

  6. Thanks! This was really surprisingly helpful as I have watched tons of
    skincare videos. I love the info you both gave. :)) Thank you! 😘

  7. first thing both of u girls Luk byooootiful and secondly the videos are
    really helpful…. and I have a query it’s about ….. 5.7 is my height
    well dats not d query I’m happy about that but query is I loooveeee heels
    and I tend to look too tall on dem and everybody said u already tall y
    heels 🙁 but im confident in walking on heels so c can u suggest me
    sumthing on dat….

  8. wht is d brand name of u r sunscreen? my skin very sensetive. bt i uses lot
    of sunscreen frm various brand bt it is nt suited for my skin.after
    applying d suncream my skin look more for my skin wht suncream u
    will suggest. 😢😭

  9. can yu gals juz help me in getting rid of the black dots or pores (dunno
    how to say on ma nose ?!?! it’s really disgusting 😣 and yu gals
    are doing pretty good job..!! keep going 😘

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