ASMR Whisper DREAM CARE For YOU ~ Layered sounds /Face Treatment

ASMR Whisper DREAM CARE For YOU ~ Layered sounds /Face Treatment
Hi my ASMR Family! Welcome to my asmr dream care for night. I made this video to introduce you to my favourite triggers that never fail to give me tingles: layered sounds, face care and touching, whispering:) Sleep well and relax 💋
Hope you will feel my love and care I have for you in this video!

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  1. Sorry guys for that double upload!
    It’s first time I incorporated layered sounds, I hope you will enjoy it 💋💋💋

  2. what happened to your sisters content? it was all removed from my like tab because they are now “private videos “

  3. i don’t really enjoy whispering videos but your whisper is absolutely perfect, i love it!!

  4. Omg I can’t even look at her ,she’s to beautiful 😭😭💞I even got the chills 😳

  5. “-and I used to th- i thought of…”
    me: yea u better correct your grammatical errors beh-beh girl cuz dat shit ain’t sexey

  6. I think u have a real spiritual gift that you’ve tapped into something u was obviously meant to do,really does work amazingly for insomnia …

  7. The best ASMR video ever until now, I surely whatched it about 50 times, always in infinity loop when relaxing after work or preparing for sleep. It is fantastic.

  8. I recently tried this out with some new headphones I got and *WOW* The audio quality is great, and perfect when combined with her voice. Makes me feel dizzy @[email protected]

  9. самое удачное видео в плане мурашек и расслабления,а знаешь почему??ты очень удачно сочитала поглаживания руками,интонацию,и твоё медленное тккк по верх того что говоришь, именно это и даёт бешеные мурашки!!! двойной голос-разговор и сверху тккк!!по больше именно таких видео и канал неповторим!!!,,👍👍👍👍

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