ASMR – Face & Scalp Treatment *& Examination*- lovely care ENGLISH * ASMR massage

ASMR – Face & Scalp Treatment *& Examination*- lovely care ENGLISH * ASMR massage
Hello my Dear!

I’m very happy today – I have a new English video! And I hope so much you will like it! It is going to be a nice face and scalp treatment. I will examine your face and then you will get a nice massage with a massager and soothing massager sounds! I hope you can relax and just enjoy it!

By the way, I have already two videos in English on my chanell and I would be happy, if you watched them too! ♥

We can just have a nice Gin Tonic together –

Or celebrate the Bavarian Oktoberfest!

Your Pelagea ♥

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  1. Hey ich liebe deine deutschen videos sie sind wunderbar. all deine Videos
    sind fantastisch aber die deutschen mag ich am liebsten ( es ist meine
    Muttersprache ) ^^

  2. Oh, plz don’t feel bad. I love your accent. I just don’t know other
    languages. You are beautiful, mesmerizing!

  3. I saw a lot of comments saying they didn’t understand a word she was saying
    but I had no problem at all🤔

  4. OMG! Alfa has hopped on the asmr train and made a commercial fit for a
    channel such as yours. How cool that a marketing department has made the
    move to reach out to the community. In other news, I’m glad to say that
    your awesome videos are helping restore some tingliness that I’m guessing
    I’ve lost with my degrading hearing.

  5. I just came back to this video and it’s amazing to see how much your lisp
    has improved in the last 2-3 months!!!! It wasn’t bad here but it’s barley
    noticeable now!

  6. new subscriber here! your English is great. Don’t listen to some of these
    people. very relaxing…keep up the great work!

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