ASMR Dermatologist Extraction and Face Care – Gloves, Light, Very Close

ASMR Dermatologist Extraction and Face Care – Gloves, Light, Very Close
I had a request for something along the lines of a pore-examination/facial last week and today just seemed like a good day for some deep face care =)

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  1. Always amazing Yvette! I love the way you describe everything you are doing, very relaxing 😴😴😴

  2. Perfect timing! I’m on schedule to use glycolic acid tonight, haha. This is super relaxing. Happy New Year!

  3. I love your manor and style, the volume at the start was pretty loud but as soon as you started I was out for the count thank you. Maybe soften future intros? I would hate for it to scare off anyone then they’d miss out on how great you are!

  4. What is it with peoples fascination towards squeezing pimples? Ill never get that. Besides that, gread video as usual.

  5. Yvette is a rare form of ASMR today. So many people do the whispering stuff, but sometimes, it’s nice to just listen to someone’s natural soft-spoken voice. This is perf, because sometimes people try to whisper, but it comes across too “harsh”. Super relaxing. Great sounds.

  6. Love it love it love it! Couldn’t comment last night because I fell asleep. ❀❀❀

  7. Aah~! I always love when you do the Dermatologist RP!!! It always puts me to sleep fast and gets the job done with the tingles!

  8. I’ve watched this video every night since you posted it and have yet to make it to the end cause I ALWAYS fall asleep, it relaxes me so much! And that’s that I start the video where I left off last, lol.

  9. I really appreciate that you do not wear tons of make up in your videos. Many female asmr artists wear A LOT of make up and even if I think they’re very pretty, it makes the whole video feel… not real. And it’s distracting, I’m focusing on their make up like ‘how come I can’t make a perfect wing on my eyes too?’ lol. I can connect easier to your videos because you are very natural. It’s great.

  10. Hi Yvette! <3 thank you for the wonderful video! Sorry if you've already answered this but where did you get the charcoal mask cream? Did you order it online?

  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Your facial RP’s… Especially your extractions… Are hands down the best on YouTube. My night-night Playlist for the last week has been this video added x3. LOVE it!

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