ASMR Dermatologist – Dermaplaning, Extractions, Face Care

ASMR Dermatologist – Dermaplaning, Extractions, Face Care
Time for a checkup after that last dermaplaning session. If you need a refresher:
Also some extractions and general face tingles =)

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  1. ohhhhh best ASMR video ever made. All of my favorite things. thank you so much! and you really are such a beauty.

  2. Great video Yvette. If you comment on my Drawbridge videos in Manitowoc and Sturgeon Bay you will make the list.

  3. I am going through a breakup and this is really helping me to actually get some sleep… thank you so much 💜

  4. You have such a lovely pace to your voice, so very relaxing. And the glove sounds were wonderfully subtle. Thank you.

    (no criticism, just FYI, the body part is décolletage /DAY-col-tahj/, décolleté is the adjective 🙂

  5. Stop to put me to sleep so quickly! I’m really trying to watch the whole video! Lol

    My fav asmr channel this last days. I love your voice and the way you talk. I’m really glad you’ve been doing it for all of us. Thank you. 😊

  6. I love your videos and i definitely think you should invest in an external microphone, and maybe move to a room with better lights

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